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By Amitabh Vikram

Your cry remained unheard,

Like other objects in this world:

The bark of a distant dog,

The rustling of dried leaves, and

The sound of footsteps.

You cried but it didn’t communicate to me.

You sobbed but I didn’t notice it,

Were they addressed to me-in any case?

I solemnly doubt.

I surpassed them simply,

Considering them involuntary articulation

As your other instinctive biological signs.

The sound of pain,

The sound of suffering,

Did not constitute communication in any strict sense,

Your automatic overflow of emotional energy

Thus remained unheard.

And you accused me of being inhuman,

And I was wondering-

Without using words were you a human?

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  1. Our cries should be heard. Our voices should be heard loud and clear biko… This poetry carries a silent message, many people tend to overlook us and pretend not to hear what we’re saying and that’s where human rights come to play… we are humans, we should not be overlooked or ignored,we should be able to relate our problems and get solutions.

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