Your Oxygen Expands Me

Your Oxygen Expands Me - elsieisy blog

By Scott Thomas Outlar

Something stirs in my soul

whenever thoughts of you fill the air,

and I breathe in the essence

of your oxygen

like a man starving for sustenance.

Deep into my lungs

enters your spirit,

and I can hear the pace

of my excited heart quicken

as the blood is brought to a boil.

Consciousness explodes…

My organs are set on fire…

Color splashes against white walls…

A living rainbow appears in the sky…

How can I explain this amazing feeling?

What words can accurately describe such emotions?

Let it rest! Leave it be!

There is no language

to fully express the magic

of your miraculous divinity.

There is no tongue

that can speak calmly

and so I babble about your beauty.

Love by any other name

is still a rising flame,

is now a rose without thorns,

is now pleasure without pain,

is now your verse I am compelled to sing!

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  1. Hmmmm… This write-up reminds me of a song “love is like oxygen” by a British band “sweet”… Love is like oxygen, You get too much, you get too high.. Not enough, and you’re gonna die… Well, love is a beautiful thing, it is sweet and sour, depending on how it is being used.

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