Is your religion your philosophy?

Religion is one of the most famous lifestyle attributes on the planet…probably the most famous if you took a headcount. But for all the religiosity can we really boast that our faith plays a part in our day to day philosophy.

It is easy to raise your hand or tick a box to identify with your religion, but when thinking of the famous bible quote ‘from their fruits, ye shall know them’, how many people do you know that have a lifestyle that clearly differs from other believers and even non-believers of their faith? When I talk about lifestyle in this post I am not addressing simple black and white decisions like choosing not to drink, smoke, have sex before marriage and the likes. We all know that Muslim that doesn’t eat pork but that’s about as far as their observance of the faith goes. We also know that Christian that is in church every Sunday, but they couldn’t tell you what testament Moses appears in (this one is a bit obvious, but you get the point. For some, Christianity is a Sunday to Sunday affair).

Taking a close look at the life of most religious pioneers, it is easy to see the lifestyle of their followers is no reflection of these prophets and teachers. Jesus for example (my personal favorite for many reasons) lived a life of extreme tolerance and encouraged boundless forgiveness. From the excuses he made for the adulterous woman to the demanding of Peter for forgive 77 X 7 times. He was known to hang out around people of every class without judgment or prejudice. From tax collectors to prostitutes, Jesus did not segregate.

Today, Christians/Muslims will more or less label a girl an agent of Satan for wearing a short skirt. As far as we are concerned a prostitute is not even a human being. It appears today our scriptures conform to the prediction of Prophet Mohammed who said that towards the end time all that shall be left of the scriptures is the words, but void of meaning.

Regardless of what religion we practice it is up to us to understand the philosophical implications of these regions and to inject these philosophies in our day to day life and how we treat all situations. Let us take some time out today to reflect more on the beatitudes and less on the commandments. Religion should be as much about what we should not do as what we should do.

william  ifeanyi moore
Written by William Moore – @willifmoore


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