2015! GRATEFUL!!!

2015! GRATEFUL!!! Elsie Godwin

Hey dearies!

It’s the last day of the year 2015 and I am stuck here starring at my PC  but I know I have to type something, I just have to express this gratitude because I am overly grateful. Though I haven’t gotten there but I am so grateful. 2015 was good, I didn’t see somethings coming but hey it came and I am overwhelmed. This drops be making an ocean already!

It started off very funny. Truth is, it started off in a parked keke napep (tricycle) behind my church. I got to church very late and the crowd no be here my people. My friend suggested we go to a less crowded church instead of hanging around so we could pray properly, I looked at her and said ’B ’, even if I have to stand somewhere all through this prayer, I am not moving an inch. My prayers will be answered and I know God has something good planned for 2015. Of course she reluctantly stayed with me and we ended up in a packed keke napep behind the church, at least we heard the prophet from there. I am beginning to think I should do so in another keke this year because o boy! my prayers were considerably answered. I can’t lie you! Don’t be shocked if you find me in another one tonight. LOL

In the year 2014, I couldn’t even begin to imagine how many times I used the word broke. How many times I wanted something I couldn’t get for myself. But we still kept the hustle alive, kept grinding! 2015, I don’t have all I ever wanted yet, but the word broke was never used. I am not here to brag, I am just being grateful.

I have learnt that if your location is Asaba and you want to visit someone in Lekki, Lagos, you must touch Lagos mainland first whether going by road or air before getting to Lekki. I know I am on a journey and seeing that significant movement forging me 10 steps ahead daily happening is all that matters while I keep at it. I will get there.

The year began for me with an invite to be a guest on Talk Talk show on Wazobia TV. It was fun I must say…the Wazobia ladies are just awesome.

2015 gratitude

Then I was featured on Savvy magazine on their big bang edition which had the likes of Kunle Afolayan and Kehinde Bankole. Some have snapped this page and sent to me and I must admit I blushed to Umuahia and back. hehehehe

2015 gratitude

Then I was invited by Weavers Club University of Lagos to talk about Blogging and monetizing. I met people who were dreaming on their toes! They are dreaming and ready to make their dreams come true. Their zeal re-ignited my fire.

2015 gratitude

And then in the month of September I took a huge step. I came out from hiding behind my system without an invite and organised the first ever event powered by the blog – Hangout with Elsieisy (click here to see photos from the hangout). The amazing thing about that event is that as at 2nd week of July 2015, I never knew I would have an event on the 12th of September 2015. When the thought and zeal came, my awesome friends told me it’s about time and I kept pushing until I couldn’t go back on it. Even when the cold feet came, I didn’t have a choice than to keep matching forward with it.

Ikechi Awazie speaking at the hangout with Elsieisy

To my friends that made that event a success, thank you so much, Ebere Egbuta, Obinna Mazi, Banke Akinwale, Ayorinde Ogunlade, Datvideo boy, Joy Ogbekene, Mr. Lanre, Temidayo, Tope Olofin…you all rock!

These guys claimed virgins though...welll...LOL
These guys claimed virgins though…welll…LOL

And to the speakers and artists that made that day memorable for me – Joy Isi Bewaji, Nonye Chidolue, Tosin Ayo, Onuora onianwa, Ikechi Awazie, William Moore, Tolu Juke, Geevee, Henry Ita, Wazobia crew, Comedy plus crew, Happenings Magazine and every blogger that helped publicize the event, I am so grateful. I am still so thankful for the event that I haven’t found my feet to plan another…Kai! Hangout with Elsieisy 2 coming soon! Watch this space 😀


And when it felt like it couldn’t get any better, I was invited to The Havilah show on Sunshine TV

2015 gratitude

Who says the recognition isn’t flattering! Pulis! I am more than honoured.

We also resumed shoot on the Television show I am part of, so expect to see me more on your screens in 2016.

DSC_0570 DSC_0571

Oh yes! I almost forgot o! Elsieisy blog mobile app launched on Android and Blackberry and the downloads blew me. To all my subscribers, fans, lovers, friends, contributors, Guest writers…and family. I love you all. I wont be here without you. To all writers and my fellow bloggers that have supported Elsieisy blog, you guys have my heart big time. Thank you so much.

www.elsieisy.com - Elsieisy blog Mobile App

2016 is happening with a bang! We not just sitting and saying typing this, we’ve been planning it out and brain storming. Steps will need to be taken, some comfortable some not comfortable but I must awaken the life of an entrepreneur in me. yes ke! What was I trained for? You’d wonder why she is so confidence, its simple. I trust God and it is time. One with purpose and vision fears not. We know the destination and God is leading the way.

I am right here…always! The mail is email@elsieisy.com or elsieisy@gmail.com Holla if you should!

There wont be a podcast today but next Thursday will make up for it. Send in your questions and opinion for the Podcast segment to elsiesy@gmail.com your topics and suggestions are very welcomed. And if you think we should do something big together in 2016, holla at your girl.

See you next year hunay!

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  1. Hi ElsieYou have done amazing things this 2015 and I want to say you are just awesome. You know that I say it to you all the time. LolWow! 2016 will make you blow and you are surely going to be the envy of some people. LolI also thank you for the opportunity at your hangout. It was awesome and I can’t just stop smiling when I think about it. It is cool that you are grateful for everything this year. Thanks for sharing. Happy new year in advance.

    1. Hello Ikechi,\n\nThank you so much for being part of elsieisy.com …lets do this again. Happy new year

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