Happy will be

Happy will be by Elsie Godwin

The smiles and the winksThe touches and the cuddlesThe connection and the responseThe indecision and the hopeThe wary and the skepticThe dilemma and the carefulnessThe looks and the near perfectionThe perception and misconceptionThe look in your eyeThe hesitation and the wantThe confusion and needDigging deep into spinesThreshold now too littleGrowing up sheds a lotThinking blank and non expectantSettling with inner peace and happinessKnowledge of more happinessLonging for all and noneBegging to not begHands on chest, feelings evaporateThinking the heart can now succumbLogic does itWinning oftenTime its playing fieldEyes twitch in resolveDejavu…still not seenEmbracing the wrong seeking the rightGoing on for the heart to fiddleNot knowing where thy leadsSmiles and curvesYet happy I amHappy will behappy will be

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