The Not So pleasant Surprise

Not so pleasant surprise by Elsie Godwin

Zoba unlocks the door to her apartment with smiles plastered on her face. Places the things she just got from the community market on the kitchen shelf. She walks into her room, pulls off her Zara shoe, drags her jean off and peels off her shirt like they irritated her. Taking her favorite position – in front of the mirror, she admires how fresh, curvy and sexy she appeared to be in the pink strip bra and pant she had on. She ran her fingers through her cleavage and down to her nipple. Her sexiness turns her on

It’s gonna be a night to rememberShe smiled sexy, telling herself she wouldn’t need to satisfy herself tonight. She’d gotten a call from Jade this morning stating he’d be over to spend the night. He also said something about a surprise but she’d decided to pay less attention to that. All she wanted was to have him in her hands, have his hands all over her and feel him inside of her. She knew how good a man he is when it comes to satisfying her sexual needs, it should be their third night together, she could testify.

Life is full of surprises. Some are not so pleasant.

She’d met Jade on one of her official movements. She was going to market the company’s new product when she walked into an office at Opebi after doing a pretty good job at getting across the secretary with her beauty and character charm. She’s just the perfect marketer, saying NO to her was almost impossible. She had won the best marketer in her firm 3 consecutive years and she wasn’t planning on doing less.  To reward her obvious hard work, the firm had given her a brand new Toyota Matrix which she had to pay just 10% of the entire price. For her that was awesome and ‘subsidizing extraordinary’ like her friend Lara love to say.

A fine built dark young man stood close to the guy sitting on the couch, her presence wasn’t noticed as both guys seemed engrossed in whatever they were looking at on the seated guy’s phone. She broke their concentration when she let her sweet voice out; “Good afternoon gentlemen“, she said with the smile, the tested and trusted smile.

They both looked up to see a Zoba. Looking down on that phone once again wasn’t an option.

Zoba is this very light skin attractive woman whom her aura pleads sexual indulgence. She knew what her presence and beauty does to men and have used it to get herself all she could ever need coupled with her intelligence and being a smart ass. Back at the firm, they’d sworn Zoba slept with clients to remain on top of her game, little did they know she only did very little or more of leading them on. She’d promised herself never to grow someone’s business with her own body, a body she adores.

Hello madam, er…er….uhmmm… may I be of help?” Said the sitting guy

My name is Zoba Godswill, I work with Upandan Logistics and I am here to tell you what we do and how we can be at your service” she said, ending with the smile.

Oh yea yea, my secretary mentioned you. As you know, I’m Jide Adetokunbo and I’m the MD here. She said you insisted on speaking to me or no one else, why is that?” He said as he now walked over to his desk, adjusted his tie and got comfortable in his seat.

I just love speaking with decision makers, that way I know if my pitch would be considered or not, rather than being turned around, from desk to desk, wasting time and as you know,time is money

Interesting, please do sit” said the MD, been a while he came across such a daring and charming marketer. He knew he would end up buying into whatever product she had because people like the woman now seated don’t go where they aren’t needed.

The whole conversation went on without the other man uttering a word. The deal was sealed after 15 – 20minutes of intelligent battering which the MD really enjoyed.

Was nice having you here Ms, you are more than a marketer and you will go very far. Be sure to take up promising opportunity when it arises, don’t be stagnant by being to comfortable where you are now” he said to her as she got up to to take her leave.

Thank you sir, I will definitely sleep over that” she said.

As she made her way towards the door, she heard someone speak. Finally she thought, she’d never have anything to do with Jide, not like he isn’t good looking, but because they are now in business and wouldn’t mix business with her personal life.

Hello, I’m Jade and will definitely love to have lunch or dinner with you sometime soon, can I have your card or something?

Zoba melted inside, Jade’s smile was the type any woman would want to come home to. He’s the type she’d love to call ‘dark chocolate. She dug through her handbag, handed him a card and smiled. She knew speaking would give her eagerness away.


Zoba was almost done with the efo riro she was making for Jade’s visit, she freshened up, and settled with a glass of wine. Getting herself prepared for the night.

Her thoughts went back to their second date, after diner, they’d seen a movie together at the cinema. Every time spent with Jade was worth it. They’d talk business, ambitions, interpersonal relationships, sex, and she’d even gotten some referrals which had been successful. He seemed the perfect guy.

She was brought back to reality when she heard a knock on the door.

‘That must be Jade’ she checked herself once more in the mirror and walked to the door.

She opened the door to the surprise of the night. Jade stood there with another dark skinned lady. She was sure pretty, one of those dark skin ladies that would make the fine light skin wish she was dark.

Won’t you invite us in?” Jade said with a smile.

Zoba couldn’t find her voice, she simply gave way for them to walk in and followed suit.

Jade turned swiftly and took Zoba in a deep kiss, this wasn’t how she pictured the night but the kiss was something. She almost forgot they had company until she felt a hand on her breast, not sure whose it was, she opened her eyes and saw the dark lady.

Zoba could be anything but not bisexual, she pulled away from them both and gave jade the look.

What’s going on here“, she fumed.

“I thought you wanted this babe” jade said, looking surprised

Wanted what?

This” he reiterated in a firm manner.

No! No! No!

Last night? The chat? Your Sexual fantasy? 3some with a guy and a babe?

Oh that? But I never asked you to fulfill them. Did I?”

Well, no, but I chose to.”

Zoba, walked in past them both, she didn’t know how she felt, she’d thought she had something good going on with Jade. Something which could lead somewhere, but she obviously thought wrong. Or what else is this all about? Will a man who is genuinely in love with a woman think of having 3some with her? She wasn’t sure of anything anymore but she was sure she didn’t want all these right now.

Jade please leave my house with your babe. I want to sleep


Get the fuck out of my house!” Zoba roared! Not giving room for more talks

Jade had never seen Zoba that way, he knew it was a queue to step out….

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