Love Nightmare


I have always wanted to be lovedAt least to be shown true loveYou know, like in the moviesNot Titanic, Casablanca or Romeo and JulietSure they were all love storiesBut happy endings they did not haveNot the kind I have always wished forSomeone who would call me at 5 in the morning only to sing me a songTrue love that could flaunt me everywhere and anywhereI heard breakfast in bed is so RomanticI wanted to try it out with my loverTall dark and handsome everybody wantsBut who cares if mine is notAll I wanted was to be treated like a babyMy oh My!I could go on and onThrow your critic daggersPity me because you think I am a disgrace to manhoodCan I deny who I am or what I wantThis is who I amThis is my realityAlas true love cameAlmost the perfect one I thought I had found true loveEven though there was a rivalGood things they say are not meant for just one personAn unexpected storm came through on a sunny afternoonI guess I had not reached my destinationThe journey does not end here………..

By Anifowoshe olamilekan

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