Love In The Afterlife

Love In The Afterlife

A feeling of contentment when you said I do,A feeling of gratitude when you said for better for worse,A feeling of oneness when you said in sickness and in health,A feeling of undying desire when you kissed me.Where is the man I loved like no other?Where is the man I presumed would never leave me?Where is the man I summoned courage to take the marital vows with on that anxious Saturday morning?Where is the man who had me spell bound for 2 gracious years?I lost you to the Jezebel on the streets.I lost you to my trust that I was blinded by your toil.I lost you to my convictions that were not right,I lost you to my jealousy.I lost you to the cold hands of death.I lost me forever….Over here, I see your lucid heartAnd if you wonder, if souls do cry?I shed a million tears seeing your slim curves & loneliness.One cold night, you wore the wedding dressAnd held on to my photo till you soaked the pillows with memories.Here is lit with white lilies,I do miss you but I beg not that you join me now,For you have our little boys to groom.I hope to see you soonWhen you age into the afterlife.

Written by Blessing Iyede & Chidera Nnaeto esq

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