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It beats me when I see how some Nigerian women treat their house helps/house keepers. These children are hired from their parents to perform house chores and some do these chores for money or for a better life.

I have seen some house madams who are actually related aunties to these children treat them with absolute contempt. How do you take your sister’s or brother’s child to live with you under the guise that they would have a better life; only for you to turn them into a permanent slave?

Have you forgotten that you have children? Oh and don’t forget something can happen to you and your children may need to be live in helps for either your family members or a paying boss?

I lived close to a lady who changed house helps like she changed her panties. She used to beat the funk out of them for one silly reason or the other. I still remember her screaming “Tina!” And mumbling some words in her native tongue to the young girl. For days and days you could hear Tina crying and calling on Osanobua to save her soul. Each time I heard Tina cry, my heart would bleed. Tina had to under go some surgery, but even with fresh stitches, she had to fetch water and do her chores.I did not like the lady much and I don’t think she liked me either.

I knew another lady whose house help did everything from wash her husband’s clothes right down to her under wear. This same maid was about 12years old and she was a very fragile one. The little girl would fetch water, cook (yes cook!) And still end up eating her meals on the kitchen floor. The humanity!

Some have killed their maids in the process of dishing out what they call discipline. No fear of GOD can be found in them. Even if you do not believe in GOD, did your human sympathy go with your beliefs too?

You are wicked to other people’s children, you use them as a slave for your children. They run all the errands and run your home. And in the future when your children turn out to be nuisances and your husband takes her to bed, you start blaming everyone else, but yourself. Listen, the thunder wey wan to fire you is specially prepared by Ogun.

Do not get me wrong, I am not an advocate for men sleeping with their maids, but when madam has left all for the poor girl to do, na the husband go remain now. It leaves room for the “doing” of the husband; kawai!

Meanwhile, your children know nothing and cannot even function in the society because you were playing madam; calling Bisi and Tope all over the place to run their errands.

Do you know that some families have a maid for each child? You go fear na. And sometimes, these maids who have been promised heaven and earth get nothing, but heart ache, beatings and insults even from the children.

I thank GOD for my mother. We had cousins who lived with us, but I washed dishes, I had the chore to wash the bathrooms and at some point I had to cook meals for the home when I grew a little older. I hated those days o. I won’t lie, but I am grateful for it. Now, I can actually run my own home and instinctively take care of my ajebutters.

Maids are not your “Do everything machine” They are there to lighten your load with chores, not to take over the running of your home for you. Be kind to them, give them a future they will be forever thankful for. Teach your children the act of being human also; for children are what they know.

HAPPY CHILDREN’S DAY. Show some love to a child in need. As little as your smile will go a long way to make this special day a special one for them. Not everyone is as privileged as you and I

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