Future Dans mon rêve (by @olumiCFC )


It all seemed different even the weather felt different. I was standing at the bus stop with a newspaper in hand.

Headline news read “3 Nigerian Universities make it into World top50”. My sight were bad but that’s what the headline said all right.

I hadn’t noticed a bus had pulled up in front of me, when I finally looked up, the Driver was smiling and waving at me to get in. I had got in before reaching for my wallet,nowhere to be found. Where had I dropped it? Luckily public transportation is free. No hassle,all you had to do was walk to the bus stop and you would always get one.The bus ride was smooth,soft music played all through. Each traffic light was obeyed even by policemen. I looked at my phone..hopefully the job-interview I had gone for this morning would have yielded results by now.My phone battery was low but I wasn’t bothered. Electricity was constant so I could afford not to charge my phone at a rapid rate. I sighed and tried to remember when last I had actually heard the sound of a generator set. Green lawns filled the scenery

..where had I dropped my wallet..I heaved and sighed. Got to my bus-stop and got off the bus. I started the short walk home..walked past the local bar filled with people still discussing the latest triumph of the National football team,the super eagles. They won their 3rd consecutive African cup of nations..at this rate, we could as well be the first African nation to lift the world cup.

Got home finally..was unlocking my door when my phone rang. It was the company I had gone to earlier today for an interview. They just called to inform me I had gotten the job and I was to resume the following week. Oh Lord,how blessed can I get in this country? Just a week fresh out the NYSC and I was wit a job..

I was taking off my shoes when another call came in. It was the local police station. I shivered and wondered what had happened or what I had done. They were calling to inform me that my wallet had been found at the bus-stop where I had been deep in newspaper reading. Someone had found it on d roadside and had brought it to the police station. After going through the contents,they were able to identify me and get my phone number. I was to come with identification of some sort the next day to claim it.

This was truly God’s own blessed country. Minimal corruption,they didn’t even ask for a finder’s fee. I was un-knottin my tie when my phone rang for d third time. As I picked up the call..that was when I woke up..covered in sweat. Sounds of generating sets blaring every where around me. I looked at my hand, I was still gripping a pen then, I remembered I was filling out a job application.This was my fifth year after NYSC and still no job in sight and to further complicate matters, I had misplaced my wallet earlier in the day on a job search.. I sighed. How could I just have woken up in the Nigeria of my dreams? Why?


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  1. Dude. I think u r an olodo that’s why u don’t hv a job in 5yrs. Stop blaming d country n start blaming ur self. Yea things are bad but what are u going to do about this. Write? Well if it turns out u be a blockbuster novel then u r certainly doing something about it. Quit talking about d problem, put ur pen on paper for the solution perhaps, the change we all dream for might be u

  2. Wow, it part of it but human still need to take step and keep trying, at least one day mercy will show upon that person 5years is a long time and many tins can happen with a tinkle of an eye just keep moving and do something no matter ow small it may be!! It Gud to make Change

  3. Nice one! Excellent concept and delivery.\n\nEven if many would say otherwise, it’s not bad to dream of a Utopia. Hopefully, a day like that — or something close — will come.\n\n Keep it coming.

  4. This was delivered excellently. I appreciate the writer. Your future is great. Keep it up.

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