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#BlogFest #50DaysCountDownTo2015 – DAY 4. Written by Obafemi Fawibe , he blogs at obafemifawibe.comIt has been a while I had any form of exercise, the last time I jogged was over a year ago. I enjoyed my early morning jogs especially on weekends, but after an infection that got my left leg swollen, I had to slow down. Although the leg is back to normal, I never got back to jogging.

So this morning, I decided to court my ex again and set out with two other friends.  I must confess, getting my leg into gear was not easy at all. It felt heavy, I was heavy and after about thirty minutes, I began to feel pains but I trudged along for another fifteen minutes before I collapsed, sorry…before I  reduced my pace and started walking. At that point, I was breathless and “FELT LIKE” I was going to die, but I did not. It only SEEMED as if I was going to die.

One thing I learnt from this exhaustive feeling is this:

There is a difference between “looks like or seems like” an event is about to happen and the eventual occurrence of such events. Let me help you understand. Have you ever witnessed dark clouds and fierce winds just when you are about to leave home for an important event? In fact, it is sometimes accompanied by drizzles but the actual rain never falls? Yes, that kind of rain that SEEMED like a good alibi, but ends up deserting you, fine. The problem with most people is that we sometimes take the probability of an event occurring as the actual occurrence of such events.

My point is this, it may seem as if you will fail in business or whatever endeavors you embark on. Do not take the “probability” of that failure as the real event. If you do, it is only going to stop you from pushing further. You would have stopped trying even before you failed.

Are you currently feeling that exhaustive feeling I felt when I was jogging? Is there probability that things might not go the way you planned? If you are reading this and thinking of bailing out of your dreams. Do not stop because it “SEEMED LIKE” things would go wrong, trudge along in spite of that probability of failure. It is only what it is, a probability. It may occur or not, and if it does not come out as expected, I mean “if” you failed, remember, it is just an event. Learn your lessons and make amendments.

Written by Obafemi Fawibe , he blogs at obafemifawibe.com, click here to download his eBook <a href=”http://bit.ly/1nhhWEV“>”17 Ways to Wow Your Next Employer With Your Social Media Activities”</a> for free

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  1. beautiful piece of writing…apt for the end of the year when many a plans were not achieved and it just seems easy to give up on the dream and chase another in the new year…never never never give up. thanks for sharing

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