Core Values

core values

“Core Values are the fundamental believe of a person or organisation. The core values are the guiding principles that dictate behaviour and actions. Core values help you know what is right from wrong.”Core values is simply knowing those things that are important to us.”When you know your value, every single decision you make is easier”You will understand the opportunities to explore and the ones that aren’t just for you.You won’t jump on every or any job opportunity because you need a job. You will accept jobs that propel you towards your life goals. You will understand what you want and what you stand for.”A man or woman that stands for nothing will fall for everything”There are many roads to take – countless mountains to climb. But what if you get to the top only to find out you’ve climbed the wrong mountain?Your core value makes it possible and easier for you to discern the right path or the exact mountain to climb from the wrong path/wrong mountain.You understand how you want to treat others and most importantly how you want to be treated. A man/woman with core values has no problem with the golden rule ( Do to others what you expect them to do unto you).The best way to predict your future is to create it. Decisions we make today affects tomorrow (future) either negatively or positively. People keep saying they are working for the future without realising they live the future every second. The next second, minute, hour, day, week, month, that future. Life is shorter than we imagine. Life is way too short. This is life.The time you spend on this article will either make or mar you. Its part of life. You are living already.”Our lives will be really different if we truly define the things that are important to us. Keeping the picture in mind, you manage yourself each day to be and to know what really matters most.”Do you have Core Values?If yes, Do they guide you?Would these principles help to create the future you desire?And if No, ask yourself these questions-How do I treat people?-How do people treat me?-Who do I see in the mirror?-Who do I want to be?-Where do I see myself in the next five years?-What steps have I taken and/or am I taking to achieve this long term goal?-Am I satisfied with the way I am addressed now?-Does my actions impact negatively or positively on my immediate environment (offline and online)?-What kind of youth am I?-What kind of parent do I want to be?-What kind of Old age do I want for myself?-What do I want to be remembered for?Don’t just sit there and dream. Wake up and start living those dreams. Create that future you want.Yes “His thoughts towards us are of good and not evil” But you have a role to play. God has played his role, play yours.

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  1. Good write up. But the core values aren’t listed or are we supposed to find them?

  2. Yes ooo, it is always right for someone to know which level he/she belongs too. For me to be principled really matters a lot and it works well! Appreciate your great work Elsie more grace to your elbow…….

  3. Thanks for this post. It re-echoed a questikn that popped into my mind as 2015 knocked 2014 out, “why shrink?”Indeed God’s thought towards us are for good and not evil. So why shrink.Thanks once again @Elsie, it’s beeen awesome knowing you.

  4. Knowing our core values help us make better decisions in life. Questions are a great way to help us clarify what is important to us and increase self-awareness of our values. Thank you for the list of deep questions you provided in this post that we can ask ourselves to increase self-awareness of our values.

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