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I find this topic very interesting because when I got a call to talk about this, I realised I’ve never really sat down to think about it but started answering the question within my self.

“Treat your girl the way you want your sister, that sweet niece of yours, that favourite cousin you love like a sis to be treated” vice versa to the Ladies too.But then, do we really have the right as siblings to meddle into our brothers/sisters personal life? Its PERSONAL (Private).Although our love for them brings us to wanting to protect them from assumed danger but you know “Assumption is the mother of all Fuck ups” and our protective side doesn’t change the fact that its still PRIVATE.I’m of the opinion that you don’t intrude into people’s personal life or business except you are invited. And even when you are invited, you tread with caution and be unbiased.”Wisdom knows when to Speak and when to listen.”


Here are what some of us had to say about it:

Tobiloba @areurmikunI would say Yes and No.No, because she is my friend and if she ends up getting hurt I don’t want to be put in the middle on who to support(her or my sibling). A very good friend of mine once dated my brother, and at a point I was put in between supporting her or my brother when they had issues. I ended up supporting her anyway and they broke up, this didn’t cause any thorn between I and my brother though, but I still felt bad that things didn’t work out between them.Yes, because I can’t stop the fact that they are in love,its their decision and all I can do is wish them the best.

Chukwuebuka @iinspirenaijaYes, I will accept my friend to date my siblings. At the end of the day it is exclusively for them to decide whoever they want to date. I can only advise them.To be honest, it will feel a bit interesting to put up with. Especially when there are matters arising & you are forced to take sides or play politics. However, I will always give my five kobo contribution to the growth of the relationship.Note that if you call someone your friend and you don’t think they deserve to date your siblings then you probably don’t deserve someone else’s sibling.

Moyosore @owhreoluwaErm first of all, I think it depends on the friend involved. If he or she is a good person; sure why not. But if its one friend I know is never up to any good? No way. I know guys see it in a different way though. They don’t want their friends with their sisters ^_^ (speaking from experience) but personally I don’t think there’s any big deal there 😀

Bettina @betyanaaI would not allow any of my friends date my siblings. Not because I have bad friends but because I won’t like to be accountable for anything that happens between them. For instance, if one person cheats on another person… blah blah blah. Secondly, I’m the last child so its just awkward for my elder ones to hang out with my friends.

Sebebe @SEBEBE28Yes…..I will allow my friend date my sibling,that’s if I know the friend well, know what he’s capable of doing, so I will know my sister is in good hands.

Seun @Hounge_When you ask if I can allow my friend date my sibling, it already connotes that they’re just going to date and not get married, so it’s a capital NO.

If they intend getting married, all well and good, as long as my sibling is in his/her right senses. My friend would just get a stern warning not to maltreat my sibling, or else…

There you have it. As for me, being my FRIEND(in my opinion, this word has been and is being abused though, topic for another day) means I know you and what you capable of to a large extent. So I can be sure of how well and good the said relationship will go. But then, that friend might treat other guys/girls in a way you feel wrong but feel something really special for your sibling. To cut long story short 😐 , I don’t care if my female friends date my brother, just don’t try too hard to please me or become super close, be yourself. But as for my male friends, wanting to date my sister? Forget all those grammar I wrote above! Hell NO! 😐

Feel free to drop your opinion 😐 Thank you

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  1. Llol me am d last and am trying to imagine my friend dating my elder brother that is 14yrs older than me….. Omo na ur decision Oo˚˚°º‎​h if na sugar daddy ur mind gree u make u do oyo! Am not in d business of helping my brother or sister decide who to date or how to live der lives, I know dey r capable of taking care of themselves, so me allowing anybody isn’t even a Q to be asked, its ur life mehn, do what makes u happy, Y.O.L.O

  2. Hmm.\n\nI really don’t care. If my sister’s grown enough to date, she should be grown enough to make up her own mind about who she wants to date. Besides, she can do a lot worse than her brother’s friends.\n\nMeanwhile…I don’t date friends’ siblings. Why? You end up sacrificing the initial relationship – except you and her came first. Pun unintended.\n\nHeh.

  3. I am the first and I do not think I can let my friend date either of my younger sisters. Even my cousin and my friend will not sit well with me. I’ve been in this situation and it wasn’t funny……………never again.

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