Adventures Of A Social Media Addict (R-18+)

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I tried and tried to suppress it, gradually as the hall was getting filled up..I just had to let it rip in a quiet manner. Funny thing about farting, you are always the first to perceive the odour. As the smell hit my nose, I squeezed my face and grumbled.

“Crazy peeps” I muttered under my breathe.“What is wrong”..Elizabeth peered at my face as she asked. Obviously she had not perceived the smell yet. But it was better to stick with my alibi tho.“You can’t smell anything?”I asked in supposed astonishment.“Nah, I can’t” was the reply.

Guess I was all clear. Phew! Movie finally started after a few promos had run by. Going by previous experiences with other girls I made no move to touch Elizabeth. My hands were busy with the hotdog first then the popcorn which was based on Elizabeth’s thighs. I guess my stomach really wanted food while my head wanted something else. I began paying more attention to the movie and I must say I wasn’t disappointed. I have never watched any Nigerian movies in a cinema before (Hell! I don’t even watch them on TV) but Weekend getaway was making me second doubts.

I was so engrossed in the movie that I didn’t notice Elizabeth’s hand were rubbing my thighs. It took me a while to boot. I just looked at her and smiled..turned my face back to the movie. I think that smile gave her more confidence cause the next think I knew, her hands were on my belt buckle. I started grinning to myself, I was going to get head in a cinema (only ever happened to me once and I must tell you, the feeling’s priceless). I looked round..the person closest to me was about five seats to my left and judging by the way he was looking at the screen, he was more interested in the movie than whatever was going or about to go on around him. I adjusted and now ready for paradise…if only I knew the kinda torment I was up for ehn, I would have stopped her. She got my belt buckle loose, unhooked my jean button and slid her hands into my boxers..oo yes, go girl go go. I was smiling like an idiot now. She started stroking my dick which in its usual senselessness was standing at attention..I was staring at the screen and all of a sudden the movie wasn’t making sense anymore.. I was waiting for her to go down low. She was now stroking me faster. Which kain mad girl be this? Did she want me to cum before sucking me abi wetin? I was about cumming when she suddenly stopped and placed her fingertips on my dick cap and pinched…omo, that sperm ran back ni ooo. Now I was sweating, bone the cool atmosphere in the cinema hall I was sweating. Ok, maybe now she was ready to suck on it. The thought comforted me…I adjusted again as she gripped my dick..she started stroking..would this girl for christ’s sake quit fooling around and get down to the koko. She started going fast again and again pinching my cap when I was about to cum.

I suffered this pain in silence four times in a row each time consoling myself that my dick would soon be in her mouth. After the fourth time, I decided to pay her in her own coin. I removed her hand gently and placed it on her thighs. Since I am quite tall..I could see right down her cleavage and that was where I headed to. I slid my hands down her jalamia and squeezed her boobs along the way. She put her face down and was staring at my hand as my fingers made its way to one of her nipples..they were already erect as fuck. I could feel her breathe on my wrist as I started rolling her nipples between my fingers, pulling and pinching them as I did so. She looked up in pleasure and I noticed her eyes were closed..correct, I was hitting jackpot. I continued this absent minded as my face returned to the big screen. She was breathing fast, I could tell..she suddenly yanked my hands out of her bra..hmm oh well..I didn’t say anything. We both continued staring at the movies in silence.

I don’t know how many minutes had passed till I could feel her tugging at my shirt. I turned my face to answer her when my lips were met with hers..I couldn’t even think..her lips were soft and inviting. I was stroking her arm through her cloth as the kiss drew longer. I felt her hands moving underneath my shirt and rubbing my naked chest. Now she was pulling at my nipples. She moaned in my mouth as I picked one of her legs and placed it across my legs.. I was thinking, what next? What next? Ooo! Definitely we weren’t going to fuck in a cinema na but then where was this kiss headed to? I was still thinking when she broke off the kiss abruptly…what was wrong? She recoiled in her seat. Errrr was my breathe bad..or was the kiss horrible? I was pretty sure it wasn’t any of the two. Nothing more happened till the end of the movie. We got along with everyone else but I didn’t move.

Was waiting for my silly dick to be at ease..finally we made our way out, Elizabeth was back holding my arm. As we got out to the hallway, she excused herself and made her way to the ladies rest room. I looked at my wristwatch, it was almost 10:30 pm..

As I was standing there and noticed that everywhere was virtually empty, an idea popped into my head.. I picked up my phone and called Elizabeth. She didn’t pick rather next thing I noticed she was coming out of the rest room. Damn!

“Time’s running late” she smiled as she said so..“I know, I was calling you to find out if anyone else was in the rest room”“None” then suddenly her face lit up as she got what I was trying to do. I didn’t say anything as we took the escalator downstairs. I held her hand and made straight for the male rest room..there was none in.. PERFECT!

I pulled her into one of the stalls, closed up one of the toilet seats and sat on it..bringing her to sit on me..my hands moved fast, were already underneath her jalamia in a matter of seconds. Finding the hook of the jean she had on wasn’t that difficult, all this while I kept her mouth busy with mine..probing every corner of her mouth with my tongue. I unhooked her jean and slid one my hands into her panties..my fingers making instant connection with her pussy lips..she was really wet and ready..I rubbed her for a while before bringing over one of my hands to my belt buckle..my other hand was already on her backside.

I playfully let one of my fingers slide between her ass cheeks as I finally free my dick from clothing prison. I grabbed her hips and made attempt to pull her up so I could finally get her jeans and panties down. As I made my move, she broke our kiss once more and started moaning ‘no’ no’…no no bawo..I was already at quarter to. Which one be no no? Fuck this. I took my hands off her and heaved. I looked at her as she leaned against the wall resting her head on it in the process. Her eyes were closed and I could hear her breathing heavily. I stood up and adjusted my clothing, buckled my belt back and waited for whatever was next.

After what seemed like eternity, she started pulling her panties back on properly, hooking her jean back on too ending it all by smoothing her jalamia over everything. All the while her eyes were still closed.

“I can’t do this” she finally said as she opened her eyes.“Its all right..I understand. Its getting late tho, let’s go”.

In my boxers, it wasn’t ok at all. My dick was at war with my boxers. My head was at war with my heart. I just had to do the right thing!We got out of the rest room and everywhere was empty. Walked out the mall encountering only the late night guards.

“So where are you going to now?” She asked.“Home..Okota, can’t go to Lekki tonight..what about you?”“Wanna get sharwarma and then head home”“Oh ok, where do you wanna get the sharwama?” I asked…“Let’s stroll along Bode Thomas, we would see”

And then we began to walk in silence hand in hand. It was a pretty cold night and I was beginning to have a slight headache. I rubbed my forehead.

“Mayo, ehmmm what if I went home to pick a few things and spend the night with you?” She broke the silence.Ehn! My brain went into overdrive..started putting two and two together.“Well I don’t think I would go to Okota then, we would have to get an hotel room around”“Ermmm. ok but I would need to get a cab”..she continued.

Was this going to be a great idea? I wasn’t thinking straight anymore. To me, it was perfect. We finally got her a cab while I promised I’d wait at the Eric Moore/Bode Thomas intersection. I made a quick dash to the nearest ATM machine as the taxi took off. Withdrew Five Thousand Naira to add to the One Thousand plus I still had in my wallet then I walked back to the intersection and started waiting.

An hour later, I was still waiting.

To be continued……………

Written by Bass ( Twitter – @Bass_ige)

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