MTV Shuga ‘Naija’ Season 6 is a MUST WATCH

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It was a star studded event yesterday, February 22, 2018, at the premier of MTV Shuga “MTV Shuga Naija” season 6 at FilmHouse’s iMax, Lekki, Lagos Nigeria.

There are different sentences and words out there to describe MTV Shuga season 6, but as far as I am concerned, it gladdens my heart a great deal to know such content which entertains and educates will be on our screens soon and hopefully available on other easy to reach platforms.

I was at the premier yesterday where we watched excerpts from the 10 awesome episodes ready for your viewing pleasure. If you know me well, they you know how huge a fan I am of discussions around sexual responsibility. MTV Shuga season 6 does this for me in more than one way. Touching on Family planning, sexual health, contraceptive, rape, abuse, molestation and being responsible as human, I believe this season is set to pass the very important message I try to pass with my platforms.

“We are thrilled to be bringing MTV Shuga back to Nigeria. We can’t wait to share the exciting new storylines and important messaging on family planning and sexual health that we’re touching on this season. We’ll explore more issues that affect young people and highlight the reality faced by many adolescents in their everyday lives, as well as the choices they can make to empower themselves,” said Georgia Arnold, Executive Director, MTV Staying Alive Foundation and Senior Vice President of Social Responsibility for MTV Networks International

With funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, MTV Staying Alive has also worked with Lagos State Ministry of Health, Hello Lagos, Nurhi, Adolescent 360 (SFH) and DKT to ensure accurate and relevant messaging throughout the scripts.

MTV Shuga season 6 is a must watch for all. I encourage us all to watch as it starts airing on MTV Base March 6th and also, try to create conversations around prevalent pro-social issues which are relevant across the continent

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