Misunderstood Friend

Misunderstood Friend - elsieisy blog

Everything seems stagnant.Low on money.Low on courage.Low on motivation.Low on fulfilment.I seem to lack the will and courage I need.I seem not to want to be in this crowdPlaying on this field of charadeWhere people kiss asses and lick butts to belongTo be something or maybe someoneI find a diversionA portalA medium to what may be an endBut fear grips meI know not what this gateway will bring forthI thought I was optimisticI know damn well! I’m OptimismOptimistic enough to drive thisBut my me  suddenly fails meI do not understand this feelingI want moreI know I deserve more than morePeople love me and I soar above their loathe!But can you rely on what humans feel for you – can you?Mba nu! Never.So I know I’m aloneAll aloneIn absolute solitude, I stride in this journeyBut I must keep goingHolding anxiety and dragging fear alongThey’d lose this firm grip when they get tired of this journeyThey willI knowBut when they are gone, what else do I hold on to?To Whom then would I speak o fear! My most misunderstood friend!‎

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