Now That Gone You Are

Now That Gone You Are

Now that gone you aremy days are lengthy and colderand my nights are buried in tons of thoughts,as distant images of you resurfaces.To myself I rewrite the good of your absenceas a reminder to my common sensethat I shall be free of thoughts which ruin my night due to your acts’ sakenot that I love you notbut in this moment, you mean more to me than I mean more to you,and that could mean more of my time to have you mean to me as to you I doNow that gone you areI shall dare not deny my lonelinessfor my heart desired loveto fuel its endless passion to achieve that which in his thoughtsthus burnbut you became Ice to its furyNow that gone you are,I feel caged in this freedomI perceive the dismay in your soulthat you lost a rare gem in a human form.Make priceless that which you have way before its gone.

Chidera Nnaeto esq.


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