Decanter Of Memories – 20


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I started to protest but it was of no use, Ari locked me in my chambers and I was allowed to come out during supper. I was not interested in eating because the love of my life was in a dungeon languishing because of me. This continued for two days, I was allowed to eat only supper. Mason was still in the dungeon, I needed to get him out of there fast but I did not know how. After supper that night, when my personal guard was taking me back to my chambers, we heard screams.

            “Fire! Fire!”

Everyone in the dining room started running for their lives. The guard still held unto me but he had to release me when Prince Ari groaned. No one was watching me; everyone was trying to get out so I stayed back. I changed my mind when it occurred to me that I could escape for good. I already exited the palace when someone grabbed my right arm and pulled me back. I was sad, I had been caught again, and I was relieved to find Aaro.

           “Let’s get him.” he said

           “How did you know about Mason?” I asked, frowning. Aaro knew way too much.

Confirming my suspicion, he replied. “There are a lot of things you do not know about me.”

           “Is there really a fire outbreak?” I asked

           “No, I mean Yes; let’s go before it’s too late.”

           With Mona’s help, we located the dungeon and I ordered the guard on duty to release Mason. I threatened him with a dagger so he had no choice. After he released Mason, he wanted to attack him but Aaro used a clay pot nearby to smack his head. He fell instantly. We ran as fast as we could, Mason was slowing us down. We ran into a guard, he was hell bent on stabbing Mason. Mason kept shifting back and Aaro kicked the guard so hard, the guard lost control. We ended up in my chamber because all the exit areas were filled with guards. I was so furious.

             “Now we are all going to be killed.” I said.

             “I have something to say.” said Aaro.

             “Spit it out.” snapped Mason.

             “There is something that can stop the anje curse. I…”

Prince Ari strolled in cooly; he smiled sinisterly and told me that he knew I would be in my chambers.

             “If I can’t have you Jess, no one will.”

Omo strode in and smiled, “it’s a full house and I hope I am not intruding?”

“Who are you? How dare you talk when I talk?” asked Prince Ari, he was so infuriated.

“I am Omo, the great grand mother of Jessa and who are you? Some stray dog?”

Prince Ari was so surprised, he didn’t talk again. Omo was pleased that he didn’t say more. “The rest of you can leave while I have a chat with the Prince of Amei.”

Ane was still with Tena, she was in her final moments. Ane thought of killing her but he discarded the thought. He wanted her to die slowly because instantenous death would be less horrible. Ane begged her to reveal what was in the secret room in her abode.

 “I will give you a scoop. I am the great king of the anjes. A sacrilege occurred so many years ago. This was years before Omo’s birth. That sacrilege paved the way for me. I was able to invoke the anje curse on the Amei people. The curse can’t be lifted, I tried to do the same to the Ane people but I couldn’t because your hands were clean. I will be back, I shall be reborn and my reign of terror will kick off.”

“A sacrilege? You are a king?” Ane Asked.

 “Yes, Amei committed it and yes I can take any form my dear Ane.”

“Tell me more before I kill you.”

Tena smiled and said, “Kill me please, I’d love it. I am suffering so much right now.”

Aaro shouted at Mason and me to stop running.

 “Now I can speak freely” he said “Tena was our great king.”

I felt my knees grow weak; I went near Aaro and asked him to repeat what he had just said

 “Our king can take any form, he choose to be a woman this time. You two have to find the decanter of memories, when you do, you’ll be able to get rid of the anje curse. Let’s go to Tena’s secret room. Aarun will soon be on his way.”

I asked Mason if he could access any of Tena’s portals but Aaro told us that since Tena was almost dead, her portals would be harmful

 “We could get stuck in another dimension.” he said

We took a risk though and we almost lost our lives. The portal first took us to a cave filled with snakes then to a waterfall. The portal took us to another dimension.

It was a very beautiful forest and the atmosphere was serene, it had alluring powers and I got hypnotized. The environment was a little bit foggy; there was a portion of the forest filled with white flowers. Mason and Aaro tried to bring me back to my senses but they were unsuccessful. I sat down and began to admire the flowers. Mason decided to play along with me so he pleaded with me to show him around the forest. When we were near the portal, he pushed me inside.

“That place is so beautiful.” I said with dreamy eyes

 “That’s nothing compared to the spirit world. That’s one of the reasons why Aarun would never leave it behind.” replied Aaro

Finally, we got to Tena’s abode. Aaro told us to walk towards the eastern direction “I know the secret room in and out, my brother and I guardians of the secret room.”

“You are one of the boas?” Mason asked

“We are not boas, it is just an illusion. When we get there, I’ll prove it.”

When we got to the entrance of the secret room, we saw one boa. I was so afraid, Aaro told me not to worry. He broughtout a glass, the glass was like a magnifying glass. He placed it very close to the boa’s head and I could see a head, a human’s head. Aaro placed the glass on another part of the boa and I saw human fingers.

 “See that’s my brother Aarun.”

The boa used its tail to whip me. I fell down, I noticed I was bleeding. Mason carried me immediately, Aarun started fighting Aaro. Aaro screamed at Mason and me to search for the decanter. When we got into the secret room, Aaro closed the door.

The secret room was a mini museum. There were so many artifacts. Mason was surprised to see a painting of him. We started looking for the specific decanter. Mason and I sighted two different decanters. We were so confused, one was made of glass whilst the other bronze. The door flung open and we saw Omo.

  “Aarun is dead, Aaro is almost dead. We have to save him.”

We were able to find a portal to Ane before it got destroyed, Aaro seemed dead to me. When we got to Ane we took him to Oris’ place. She looked at us and said, “He will have to fight so hard.”

“We brought him here because you are the only healer in the whole of Ane.” I said

 “This is beyond me, let’s hope the boy is willing to live.” she replied

Aaro was unconscious for weeks, Mason and I could not do anything. We did not know what to do with the decanters. Aaro was our only hope; Omo was of no help this time. Ane was helpless too. I sat by his side for many days. Aaro was fighting the battle of his life, his spirit companions held unto him in the spirit world. He was lost, he was wandering about when he saw a waterfall, and he swam with his companions.

“I love this place.” he said

 “Yes, so serene.” one of them replied

 “I still have to leave; a friend of mine is in grave danger.”

“No Aaro, you are not leaving, you are dead. Now is the time to enjoy before your rebirth. Would you be reborn to your past mother?”

 “I am not dead! I am going back. I have caused my mother so much pain. Each rebirth is so painful.”

Aaro’s spirit companions became so angry. They threatened to deal with him and Aaro ran off to the pathway that connected the spirit world to the physical world. Aaro woke up panting and he started screaming

“The decanter of memories is the glass decanter not the bronze one. The bronze decanter is useless. You have to open the decanter now.”

Luckily, I was by his side. I tried to speak to him but he lost consciousness again. I was a bit worried and tensed, I told Omo and Mason and they told me to open it.

  “What if it is a trap?” I asked

“Only one way to find out” replied Mason

I opened the decanter and it was as if I was teleported back in time. There was a tall, handsome bronze skinned man. He was walking sluggishly, he staggered occasionally. I was so sure he was drunk and there was a very beautiful lady. He went near her and I heard her beg him for mercy.

“You are my brother Amei please stop this. I share your blood, you share mine. Do not give in.”

Written  by Kezi Angela Patrick

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