Evangelical Undertone in the American Series, Lucifer

Evangelical Undertone in the American Series, Lucifer.

Written by Emeka Jonathan (B.A)

The American Series, LUCIFER, is probably one of the most watched series in recent times. A lot of people have gone on to either download or buy the CD (most probably) out of the inquisitive hunger to know what it would be about. The name of the series itself, LUCIFER, begs one’s rapt attention.It is a story of an angel who has left hell — his abode and place of rulership — on a vacation to earth. He and his side-kick, Meis, have chosen to stay away from hell. In the series, he constantly blames God for all his misfortunes: being a fallen angel; living in hell; becoming a punisher and being a bad father to him. He then begins to work as a partner to a female police detective, Chloe Dekker to solve crimes and “catch bad guys”. This is somewhat ironical as he ,himself, is a bad guy, and by nature, is a punisher (according to the series). Together, they solve numerous crimes and form one of the most formidable partnerships in the police department.Hmm… The irony is why title a series ” the name of a bad guy” and make him “a good guy”? Perhaps, it is the director’s  and producer’s wish to paint to the audience that LUCIFER, also called Satan by many Christians, can and has changed for the better. But in doing so, they will need to paint the other end of the binary –God— as being a wicked and inconsiderate father to his son, LUCIFER.Still another irony surfaces. Because in trying to achieve what we may call their ” aim”, they —the producers and directors —  are subtly evangelising and painting a near-perfect image of who God is.First, they paint him a s a merciful father. In episode 8 of season 1, a certain reverend father tells his story of how he “found the light”. Apparently, he had been living a wayward and reckless life. Having lost his wife and daughter, he discovers God who with arms wide open, accepts him back.Second is in the painting of LUCIFER as a punisher. The idea from the series is that God allows man to make his choices, be them good or bad ( really scriptural), and then when they make bad choices, he leaves them to the devil. That LUCIFER, the devil, is the only punisher and not God, is reason for celebration  as it makes people want to meet a better and understanding father and not a punishing one.Third, the series has also portrayed hell as being a ” very bad place” that no one wants to be. That is why , as LUCIFER, confirms, he ran away from hell. Because it isn’t a place to be. Also, in episode7 of the same season, a particular policeman had dies for just about 30 seconds before being restored back to life by an angel. When he returns, and is required by the angel to do him a favour on the condition that failure to do it will take him back to hell, he gets scared and becomes agitated. Apparently, hell is not such a good place to be after all.A lot can be said in respect to the binary imposition of good as opposed to evil. That a good angel is “cool, calm and calculated” as opposed to LUCIFER’s reckless and exuberant lifestyle is another thing to note. Still, just as in the Holy Bible of the Christians, LUCIFER in this series, has a good voice and can play the piano

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