#AskElsie – After Several Abortions He Says Its Over, What Do I Do?

#AskElsie - After Several Abortions He Said Its Over, What Do I Do?

Hey there,Its the Ask Elsie segment on today’s podcast. Got an email from a young lady and i was truly heartbroken. Do listen and please drop your opinion too, using the comment section or by sending an email to elsieisy@gmail.comAsk Elsie - #AskElsie on elsieisy.comFor next next podcast, do send your opinion, feedback or suggestions to elsieisy@gmail.com or use the comment box below. I sure do want to hear from you.We have Hulkshare and Mynotjustok below; choose whatever platform you prefer for your device. ThanksRemember to share with your network.Image source – madamenoire.com

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