A Dangerous love Affair – 8 (R-18+)

A dangerous love affair

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After landing back home, Emeka has a new outlook on what it means to be a man in a position such as his. Temptation would come but it was up to him to resist and if he failed then he could blame no one but himself for what may come afterwards. The ambitious man is picked up from the airport by his wife and his little girl.

His bundle of joy is growing faster than the two boys were and she is as sprightly as they come.

Hey baby, welcome home.”

Thank you dear, how has everything been?

Your daughter has been harassing me, she has been looking for you.

Is that right? You missed daddy huh?” He asked the infant he held in his arms “Don’t worry, daddy is back now.” He said as he tickled her, drawing a smile from both the child and her mother.

How was Spain? I hope you took a whole bunch of pictures.

You know I’m not a picture person but to make it up to you guys I bought a whole lot of souvenirs.”

“Emeka, I wanted to see how Spain looks.” Hadija pouted in a way that made her even cuter.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take you there very soon.”


Promise.” He replied.

It’s good to be home.

He enjoyed his night back with his family for the few hours that it lasted and continued to tell himself that he would resist all temptations that would have the power to tear apart the beauty that he had worked so hard to create.

The next day at work, business continues as usual. With or without him at the helm, Constellation Industries would continue to prosper, he just preferred to be the one in charge. It did not take long for him to see the siren that embodied carnal temptation.

Cassie strolled into his office and welcomed him back with a warm smile.

Emeka, you’re going to be working until midnight every day for the next month to get caught up with all this paperwork.”

I know,” He sighed. “There are just some things that you cannot delegate to anyone.”

“That’s the truth, how was Spain?”

“Gorgeous, I didn’t take very many pics but take a look at the few I snapped.” He said while handing her his phone.

“You should take up photography, these pictures are amazing.”

“Thank you, they pale in comparison to the actual city.”

“I can only imagine.” Cassie said wistfully. “Let me stop distracting you so you can knock out this mountain of work.” She said as she rose.

Thanks for stopping by.”

“Always a pleasure Emeka.” She replied with a fond smile.

As she turned to leave his office, Emeka was rewarded with the sight of her beautiful body tucked into a fitted black dress.

Does this woman only own incredibly tight dresses that accentuate every curve in her body?

Emeka shook the thought out of his head and got back to work in earnest. The paperwork was not going to sort itself out. The next time he came up for air it was approaching eight o clock and everyone had left the office. He had spoken to his wife a few minutes ago to let her know that he would be coming home very late.

A knock at the door broke his concentration. When he looked up he saw the concerned face of Cassie staring back at him.

Emeka, I was only joking when I said you would have to stay until midnight to get caught up.”

“I know, but I was in earnest.”

“Rome was not built in a day.”


“Yes, but it fell in one.”

“How long do you plan on staying?”

“Just a few more hours.”

“Need any help?”

“Well, if you’re willing to do a little work, I would be happy to give it to you.”

“I have about thirty minutes to spare.”

“Great, grab that pile of files over there and make sure everything is in order so that I can sign off.”

“Yes boss.”

They worked like this for a while, quietly assisting each other make headway in Emeka’s pile of work.

This file on the Consolidated Steel acquisition has a few discrepancies.” Cassie said, leaning over Emeka and placing the file on his desk.

This woman smells amazing

What is it?

See here, the quoted figure changes four times throughout the document.” She said, showing him and leaning into him slightly while she did so.

I see, we have to send that back to the drawing board.” He replied, pulling back a few strands of loose hair that had fallen over her face.

Thank you.” She said, looking deep into his eyes.

You’re welcome.” Emeka said while returning the smoldering gaze. His blood began to quicken as she leaned against him even more.

They stare into each other’s eyes for a long time, a riot of emotions playing behind their irises and begging for release.

Emeka.” She said right before he silences her with his mouth on top of hers.

They kiss passionately for a few moments before she pushes him off and tries to say a few words but the beast that resides in every man has been awakened in Emeka and it is no longer willing to listen to words of reason. As he kisses her again, there is no longer any place for the spoken word. He quickly steps behind her and unzips the skin tight dress that holds her lithe frame in a protective cocoon.

As the dress pools at her feet, he takes a moment to appreciate her body; the warm yellow skin that was always hidden is now exposed for his scrutiny and he is not disappointed in the least. She wore a matching set of pink lace underwear that only served to heighten his arousal. As he touches her again, electricity flows up his arms and into his groin. His member was now dancing in its sheath, begging to be released.

She steps into his arms, unbuttons his shirt, and slips it over his shoulders; never taking her eyes off of his. When Cassie finished this task, she easily drops to her knees and deftly unbuckles his trousers, allowing them to fall in a heap at his feet. She looked up and threw a mischievous grin his way before slipping her hand down his briefs and wrapping it around the prize.

As she slowly releases him from his cage, her eyes bulge as she finally sees it in all its glory and a look of apprehension crosses her face. It only lasts a moment before she starts to trail kisses from the base to the tip.Emeka let out an involuntary groan as her feather soft caresses sends shocks of pleasure through his entire body. He wrapped his hands in her braids as she massaged him with her mouth but he refuses to allow himself to be cowed before he has the ultimate prize. When he felt that he would explode in her mouth at any moment he draws her up and kisses her deeply tasting himself on her tongue; drawing a deep groan from her throat.

He spins her around until her back is to him and he easily unhooks her bra, ripping it off and tossing it carelessly to one side. Emeka quickly draws her panties to her ankles and orders her to step out of them. As she quickly obeys, Emeka pushes her up against the glass windows of his office and allows his erection to caress the inside of her thigh while he trails sweet kisses over her back and neck.

Finally, he is ready; he finds the golden orifice that all women possess and dives in. It is more wonderful that his most vivid daydream. As he thrusts into her going deeper and deeper a cry escapes her lips as she tries to resist the force of his arousal by placing her hands on his thighs. He quickly pushes them aside, places one hand on her lower back, and grabs a handful of her braids with the other. He draws her head back with one hand and holds her body in position with the other all while pounding away inside of her. As he draws her limber body out as far as it will go he plants kisses across her chest and and neck and watches as her caramel nipples stiffen under his adept caresses.

Cassie can do nothing but moan in ecstasy as Emeka continues his relentless assault.

Do you like that?” He teases.

Yes.” she replies breathlessly.

When he gets tired of their position against the glass he lifts her bodily and carries her to his desk, never once leaving her golden treasure unattended. He makes room for them by throwing the documents that they were working on for so many hours to different corners of the room.

As he renews his relentless assault, Cassie is ready for him this time and wraps her legs around him while meeting him thrust for thrust. They kiss deeply and explore each other’s bodies; his is hard and strong where hers is soft and supple.

Tell me who owns this Pussy.” Emeka demands.

You do.” Cassie acquiesces.

What is my name?



Emeka.” She moans, louder this time as she begins to reach her climax.

I can’t hear you.

Emeka!” She says again and this time it is almost a shout.

Cum with me baby.” He demands as her legs begin to quiver.

I will baby, I will, I am almost there.” She shrieks in pleasure.

GRRRRRHHH!” Emeka grunts as they come in unison.

The first two thoughts that come to his mind are: I am a foolish man and I’m in love with Cassie.

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