Patience, Perspective, Perseverance

Patience, Perspective, Perseverance - elsieisy blog

By Scott Thomas Outlar

Save for a few

with psychic souls,

we cannot know

what the future will hold.

But so what?

Learn from the past,

live in the present,

and look toward the future.

Do what you can

in each and every moment

to bring about

the desired results

that are sought,

and trust that the process

of life’s great unfolding

will bring you exactly

what is needed in the end.

Proper perspective

and persistent determination

will eventually lead

to necessary points on the path

that must be reached to realize growth.


Fear not

all the vague possibilities

of what could potentially

go wrong,

and focus instead

with pinpoint precision

on all the ways

you can make

this experience turn out right.

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  1. we cannot knowwhat the future will hold.But so what?Learn from the past,live in the present,and look toward the future.My best part of it

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