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Your favorite Relationship and Lifestyle talk showCrux of the Matter, launched its Tweetchat on Friday, the 18th of August 2017. Hosted by myself (Elsie Godwin), the first guest on the Tweetchat segment of Crux of the Matter was Paul Ezeudoh, a renowned digital marketer and social media consultant, popularly known as TweetOracle and the founder of AURACOOL Digital.

Mr. Ezeudoh, who is married to his lovely wife, highlighted different Trust Killers in Relationships. When it comes to Relationship issues, just as every other life issues, we tend to believe we know it all or have heard it all, but sometimes, repetition can help the mind make better decisions or assuming we are all knowledgeable in every areas can be disastrous. Hence we keep having these conversations.

“Trust is the basic ingredient or foundation of every relationship. Think of Trust as the MOST important element without which the relationship is dead. However, Trust is a very delicate concept in relationships, very hard to earn and very easy to destroy” as tweeted by Tweetoracle.

He is known for sharing different tips and opinions on twitter from time to time and in his chat with Elsie on Crux of the Matter on Friday, here are, in his opinion, some trust killers to look out for in your relationship.

  • Lies is the biggest trust killer. It wrecks the trust established. You must tell your partner the truth no matter what.
  • Insecurity is a Trust Killer. Low self-esteem affects your ability to appreciate others and oneself. Must be avoided.
  • Jealousy is another Trust Killer. It can also stem from Low self-esteem though love comes with a measure of Jealousy
  • Pride can hurt Trust. If you believe to be better than the other person, makes it hard for them to keep trusting you
  • Social Media can be a Trust Killer when used in a flirtatious way. Tends to fuel jealousy and insecurity
  • Obsession with Sex is one thing that hurts Trust. This affects a lot of relationship in an unhealthy way

According to Tweetoracle, Trust killers can be mitigated in a relationship by being honest and remaining open in your relationship. Love isn’t easy to handle especially in a relationship and when you have the trust of someone you must aim to keep it.

He hopes that the above highlighted factors can help us understand how Trust killers work to destroy relationships so we can mitigate them.

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