Ivory Coast bans skin whitening creams

If you are part of those ladies (even men) obsessed with becoming white then Ivory Coast is no longer a country you can reside in.

Whitening creams have been popular for years among young African women, who see them as a way to make themselves more attractive.The use of the creams is believed to be even more widespread in Nigeria.

Ivory Coast has banned skin whitening creams, which are widely used in West Africa.

The Health Ministry said, Wednesday that the ban was because of fears they could cause lasting damage to health.

‘Cosmetic lightening and hygiene creams that de-pigment the skin are now forbidden,’ the ministry said in a statement.

The ban affects whitening creams and lotions containing mercury and its derivatives, cortisone, vitamin A or more than two percent hydroquinine, a lightening agent that is used to develop photographs.

‘The number of people with side effects caused by these medicines is really high,’ said Christian Doudouko, a member of Ivory Coast’s pharmaceutical authority, warning that they could cause skin cancer.Lightening products can also lead to hypertension and diabetes, said Elidje Ekra, a dermatologist at the Treichville university hospital in Abidjan.

Source – nation.com.pk

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  1. Please let me know the names of the skin whitening products or injections that really work?

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