Upcoming Vlogger – Animals Found in Ibadan Zoo

Zoological garden ibadan - elsieisy blog

Hello Fam! I just defeated years of procrastination and I am suddenly an upcoming vlogger. I have always wanted to own a YouTube channel, to share my opinions, thoughts and lifestyle in videos, just as I do here on the blog but one thing or the other kept me away from starting.

I told myself I needed to become a PRO in video editing, to get a badass camera, change my wardrobe and be more pretty…LOL but the Lord has touched my soul. I would have loved my first video to be an opinion video but this is different.Amala Tour, Explore Ibadan - elsieisy blog

You probably saw the hashtag – #AmalaTour and #ExploreIbadan trending on Twitter yesterday. My friends, colleagues and I decided to have a feel of Amala in Ibadan and explore the ancient city of Ibadan. Below is video of the animals we saw at the zoological Garden located in the University of Ibadan.

Please watch and subscribe to my YouTube channel. Help my hustle.

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