GOT Season 7 – E4 – Spoils Of War.

Game of Thrones S07 E04

Spoils Of War.

With the battle at Casterly Rock still fresh in mind, the title of this episode gives much in the way of anticipation for but opening with Bronn’s rendering of humorous characterization of a Sell sword who cares for nothing but to sell his sword to the highest bidder is a welcome relief from the smell of burning flesh and screaming horses that ended it. But what really has Cersei got in mind even prior to losing her land forces to the mother of dragons?

Cersei, ex-Queen Regent, Now Queen.

Cersei’s plan to pay off the throne’s debts with the gold from High Garden works because Bronn and Dick-On (read how you fancy) are back from ‘escorting it to the gates. She also wants the Iron Bank’s military support and may still be able to wax stronger now that she has lost most of her men.

The Three Eyed Raven.

The three eyed raven, as he is no longer Brandon Stark, keeps giving me the creeps as it is near impossible to guess what his’ role in the war against the night King to come really his, but meanwhile we can safely enjoy its unnerving perks as he quoted Littlefinger in saying “Chaos is a ladder” (something the Lord of coins had said seasons ago and which Bran could never had heard, well except as the three eyed Raven). His detachment also nearly makes me hate him as he tells Meera a goodbye and thank you that sounds worse than a ‘get the hell out, I’m done with you’.


The masters degree holder in the art of killing and water dancing swordsmanship (or swordsgirlship of you wish) returns home to, much like Bran, reveal she is much less Arya now. Though there are some emotional sparks when she, Sansa and Bran finally get reunited, Sansa gets to hear of her list and Bran confirms it. She then defeated Lady Brienne when they trained with a shocked Sansa watching beside Littlefinger. If there is something I have learned from this girl, it is that “No One” can teach you many things.

The Giggling Girls.

And like we nearly forgot, we are reminded that Daenerys and Missandei are really girls way above their ages as she regales Dany with tales of the many things she did with Greyworm before he went to Casterly Rock and her hope of seeing him return safely.

The King Of Snow.

 Jon shows Daenerys the paintings in the cave revealing that both the first men and the children of the forest came together to fight the White Walkers, like they should also likewise do. (Well, here I am thinking Jon drew those things, at least he would no longer know nothing, at least he knows how to draw). But then it is all about bending the damn knee for her all again, and with Jon refusing to bend the knee! I am very exasperated with this too, like they should just get a room already and reconcile their differences on a bed or something.

Mother Of Dragons.

It is truly refreshing to hear Daenerys turn down ‘the clever plans’ but instead of choosing the three dragons, she flies just one with the Dothraki forces and tears the Lannisters’ army apart in a sea of fire and blood that nearly saw her lose a dragon when Bronn catches it with a bolt from the scorpion ballista Qyburn had built. Though, the dragon destroyed the weapon and much nearly killed a stupidly brave Jamie who tried to spear Dany while she was trying to pull out the bolt in its side. Bronn saves him by shoving him into the water.


Bronn’s humor and his near takedown of a dragon, showing them as not invincible though powerful enough to single handedly (or single wingedly) destroy an army.

Arya’s skills remaining top notch as she beat Lady Brienne who had beaten the best swords men in the whole of Westeroes.

Seeing Littlefinger still alive and worming into Sansa. (I wish Arya would cut his throat soon).

Drogon’s fire!

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