You dress up for him, you know all the lady etiquettes, and you follow them dutifully. You’ve attended every other relationship seminar on how to keep your man interested in you.

You aren’t loud, you never make a man feel small around you. Massaging a man’s ego is your specialty. You’ll roll in the mud for one you love, if you have to.

You cook excellent meals. You know how to switch positions in bed, we can call you tigress. You support his football club and sit through 90- painstaking-minutes of a match you have zero interest in. His friends call you “our wife”, his mother quite likes you, at least from all you’ve seen.

You are the perfect girl, everyone knows that. Yet, you are sitting in front of your mirror, staring at your reflection and wondering what you are doing wrong. If you are so small and that’s why he doesn’t see you.

After doing all you can to keep his eyes on you alone, you know his heart is elsewhere. No matter what you do, you know he is out somewhere having the time of his life with another woman or women.

You know and have kept all the rules, but your man is slipping or has slipped out of your life.

 Rainy days are over baby!

I have come to you with something that works, it’s really simple, and you may have heard it over and over. However, it may not be that simple to execute.

Don’t try to keep a man, because a man cannot be kept. He is not a cat or stone, he is a living being with the power to make choices and no matter how much you bend, if it isn’t you, there’s no keeping him. He wants what he wants.

I think what we should do as women is fall in love ourselves and call the shots in our lives despite who is present in it or not.

by Farida Adamu

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