DATING: Asking the important questions

DATING: Asking the important questions

If this was said by my humble self, some of you will say Elsie is just too paranoid but listen ye to the voice of a pastor. Y’all love pastor right?

Asking the important questions

I found this video on my phone yesterday. I am not very sure who sent this to me but if you did and you are reading this, thank you so much.

When dating you need to ask series of questions. All questions are important. Everything should be talked about. You shouldn’t let any topic sort itself out, No! You speak, communicate, and ask questions. From the little things you like and the little things which gets you upset, to Finance, to Sex, to ideas, to ambition, to friends, to perception.

That you love a lady or a man doesn’t mean you know them. Personally, I have loved a guy helplessly. I was at a point where I could literally do anything for him and at the long run, I realised that he had some attitude I just could not stand. Even the love I thought I had for him couldn’t stand those attitude and they weren’t the type he planned to change, they were the ones he would proudly mention as his bad habit but totally not willing to work towards changing. And because I am not God, neither am I the Holy-spirit, I cannot change him.

The good thing about mine was that it was all at a point where I could easily pull out and say “Hallelujah Jehovah’

good questions

You need to ask questions! You need to probe! You need to talk about it! Don’t say I met him/her in church or s/he is a Christian. No! Ask questions! These days you even need to know if she was a lady from birth.

Just watch this short video below. Creflo Augustus Dollar, Jr. an American televangelist, pastor, and the founder of the non-denominational World Changers Church International based in Fulton County, Georgia, Creflo Dollar Ministerial, did justice in this video:

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