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Recap of Family planning Friday (#FPFRIDAY) conversation

We hosted Dr. Olayinka Atobatele on this edition of FPFriday to discuss IUD benefits and other methods of contraceptives. Dr. Olayinka Atobatele Oluwaseun. MBBS, MPH University of Liverpool. Currently a Public Health Specialist.

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Let’s talk about family planning types especially IUD, can we know more about the benefits of using this method? 

The IUD is a tiny T shape plastic or copper device with strings inserted into the uterus. Usually on insertion the strings are supposed to drop down into the cervix and the woman will be taught and instructed to check it regularly.

The T-Shaped plastic IUD is just one of a variety of IUDs there are some shaped as Y, there is another with a U-shape too. There is an innovation in the IUD trend. It can last up to and more than three years. Some Intrauterine Contraceptive Devices (IUDs/IUCDs) lasts for up to 10 years


We know IUD can last up to 3 years in a woman’s body, what are the signs to look out for in other to know when to go for check-up?

The reason for checking if the string is intact is to look out for possible signs of expulsion and perforation which are complications. It is also good to check because of dislodgement/displacement especially for women who have had many babies (multiparous women) and have lax uterus

“The most common complication of IUD is infection. This can be treated and also prevented by aseptic insertion procedure and avoiding multiple sexual partners,”

It is also advised that you the person who wants to get an insertion must get a full system check by an Expert

 Will this not obstruct the fun in sexual intercourse?

No. An IUD/IUCD does not interrupt the fun of sexual intercourse because the partner cannot feel the thread or the IUD itself. If anything, it even helps as there would be no worry of regular calendar count or getting pregnant.

IUD gives a lot of women confidence to go about their sexual life without worries on need for contraceptives on daily basis. It’s highly effective and reversible. The side effects reported with IUCD are minimal. They tend to disappear in 2 months, the woman’s body get used to it.


Can we also discuss withdrawal method, withdrawal method is commonly practiced, is that also a method of contraceptives and what are the pros and cons of this particular method? 

Withdrawal method is one of the natural family planning methods. It is  also known as coitus interuptus meaning you stop or interrupt the intercourse when the man is about to ejaculate and release the semen. This method is known for its high failure rate. Withdrawal method is under the old method but it is less than 20% effective


Finally what is your advice to the government in terms of providing consumables for family planning in Nigeria?


Government should make use of the budgetary allocation meant for family planning for family planning and not delay release of the funds meant for Family Planning or Health in general

Can you give free seed to farmers and withdraw their tools e.g hoes and expect harvest? Government has provided Family Planning contraceptives but the consumables are the tools. If they are not provided there will be no output

Government should invest in the provision of both contraceptives and consumables. They go together, without one or the other there will be no Family Planning service provision. What is worth doing at all is worth doing well.

Timely release and cash backing of Family Planning funds by government will assist in free flow of the services by those that want it

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