This A-Bay Tours’ Gold Life Member Card Can Take You Anywhere in the World for Almost Free

Elsie Godwin A-bay tours gold member card - elsieisy blog

Remember my Zanzibar trip (If you miss it click HERE)? I am going to be very clear when I say, “I traveled to Zanzibar the day after a copy of my Gold Life Member card was sent to me”. If you love traveling then you should get your own card.

Elsie Godwin A-bay tours gold member card - elsieisy blog

Benefits of having an A-Bay Tours Gold Life Member Card

  1. With your card, you can go on vacation to exotic places at amazingly affordable prices and 10% discount on their Travel Packages


  1. You have a free trip, paid by A-bay tours after you have traveled with them on few choice destinations.


  1. At the Lagos and Abuja international Airports, you enjoy the VIP lounges with your gold card.


  1. You get an A-bay tours experience that is parallel to none.


  1. Lastly, Gold Members will have access to A-BayTours Hangouts in Lagos and Abuja, where new places to visit around the world will be discussed.

To become an A-bay tours Gold Member is pretty easy. Simply get yourself a gold card for a giveaway price of ₦30,000 only. Don’t say Elsie didn’t tell you.

Follow @a_baytours on Instagram or call – +238094901236 to get your gold card before the price goes up because it’s in high demand. They’ll also give you details about the upcoming Zanzibar trip.

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