The Birthday Surprise (R-18+)

The Birthday Surprise (r-18+) - elsieisy blog

By Damescaucus

Dupe stood in front of “exposed”, an exclusive BDSM club on adeola odeku in victoria island Lagos. One she didn’t even know existed. Timi her boyfriend of two years had brought her here as a birthday gift.

“Babes, come on, what’s wrong? Don’t tell me you’ve changed your mind?” Timi said as he slowly ushered her into the magnificent building.

“Nah, I am fine. It’s just that when you said we were going out, I didn’t expect this”. She replied pointing at the building. “And I am not even dressed for the occasion”. she was still putting on her work outfit, a pencil skirt, camisole and blazer.

“Nah, you will be fine. It’s not as if you will need your clothes anyway. I want you to be a part of my world in every way”.

“I know, but…”.

“shhh, just trust me”.

He led her upstairs and began to explain things to her.

“The first floor is where submissives and dominants meet. New subs get to choose a dom in a place they are guaranteed safety. This floor is where spanking, bondage play, wax play occurs. The last floor also called the ghen ghen floor is where erotic electro stimulation takes place.

“Jesus” dupe whispered in shock.“what’s wrong”, Timi asked turning to face her.

“That.” she said pointing to a couple. The woman who was a member of their satellite fellowship had a man in leash seated beside her.

“Haha, she is the dom and he is her submissive. They’ve been members for eight months”.

“Sebi you won’t make me go after you like a dog ooo”?

“Nah, I have something better planned. Do you have any hard limits”? He quickly explained what it meant to her.

“I know what they mean, I read up BDSM when you told me months back you were into the lifestyle and no, I don’t have any so far you don’t make me cry”.

“Good, we may begin”. He led her into a room and shut the door.

While she took time to look around the tastefully furnished room, he hauled up the box wale sent and unpacked them.

He pointed at the bed “sit.”

“Yes sir.”She woofed and dropped primly onto the edge of the mattress. Timi turned away so Dupe wouldn’t see his smile and went about lighting the candles he had arranged on the dresser. There were six of them in a variety of colors and he intended to use them all tonight. He moved back towards the bed and couldn’t resist kissing her, that mouth so quick to quirk into humor was far more tempting than the best kind of alcohol. Her tongue swiped his and Dupe moaned when he drew back.

“On the bed, arms stretched out.” She crawled backwards and lifted her arms over her head and spread her legs. He picked up the cuffs from the table and attached her attached her ankles to the footboard before doing the same to her wrist.

“I need a safe word.”


“Use it if you have to.”

“I won’t have to.” She replied with an expression so full of trust that something in his chest split wide open. Fighting to keep a bit of control, he grabbed the blindfold and slipped it over her eyes.

“You are beautiful baby, your body is a canvass that begs for my marks.”

“Yes sir.”

Her tone held nothing but desire. No disgust. He leaned over and took her closest nipple into his mouth. Kissing it the way he had kissed her mouth earlier. When she gasped, he moved to the other breast. He needed her desperate before he commenced the next step. Timi moved around the bed to settle between her legs, taking his time circling her clit with his tongue. Her body shook with pleasure tethering on the edge of orgasm.

Only then did he lift his head and stood to his feet. She cried out “master, please.”

“Not yet”. He checked the candles, they were adequately burned down and contained a small pool of wax in the center.

“Tell me your best colour.”

She hesitated. “red.”

“Hmmmn.” He picked up a red candle. “Do you trust me?”

“Yes master.” No hesitation this time around.

“Good girl.” He tipped the candle letting a drop of wax fall onto her sternum. She hissed out a breath, arching into the bed. He waited but she didn’t use her safe word so he dribbled a bit more wax up the curve of her breast, stopping just short of her nipples. She squirmed and bit her lips.

“Dupe, are you okay?”

“I am fine sir.” She replied giving a shaky laugh.

“Good.” He dropped the next bit of wax on her nipple and she cried out. He repeated the line up her other breast and around her nipple and then moved down her stomach but stopped just short of belly button. He wasn’t scared of hurting her because the candles were created specifically for this purpose- they burnt at a lesser temperature than normal candles. He set the red candle down. Blue was his next choice since it was his best color. So he used the wax to draw circles around her stomach and up the outside curve of her breast. She shook with each drop against her skin and he knew she loved it. This time he chose the green candle. “Brace yourself.”

“What…. OH God.”

He dropped a stream across the sensitive bare skin of her pussy, and the wax ran down the dips created by her pelvic bone. He used his free hand to stroke her and found she was really wet.

“You love this.”

“Damn, yes I do.”

“Good.” He finished covering her nipple with the green wax. Next it was purple, yellow and black until she was a myriad of colors. He sat back and admired his handiwork.

Dupe had never thought her body would feel so over sensitized. Though the wax had burned, now that it hardened the sensation of it resisting her movements only made her hotter. Timi took the blindfold off, leaving her blinking, trying to adjust in the low light. She looked down her body and gasped at the pretty pattern of mixed colors covering her. “Wow.”

“I am not done yet.” He uncuffed her and maneuvered her to the end of the bed and stood silently watching as he shoved off his pants and rolled on a condom. He sat on the edge of the bed, held out his hands and she took it. Just when she wanted to straddle him, he turned her around to face the free standing mirror across from them and lifted her onto his laps, using his legs to spread her wide. He took her chin and lifted it. “Look.”

He lowered her onto his cock, the angle perfect to see every inch disappear inside her. She couldn’t take her eyes off their reflection as he guided her to ride him in long, slow strokes. One hand went down to her stomach to stroke her clit. “Timi, I …….”

“Come sugar, I’ve got you.” He squeezed her clit, his eyes on hers in the mirror as her body came apart around him. Dupe twisted around and he met her halfway, kissing her as the second wave rolled over her. She barely had time to take a breath before he was up and turning, pressing her face down onto the bed and ramming into her from behind. She screamed into the comforter, vaguely aware of Timi’s strokes becoming less controlled and more savage.

“Happy birthday mami. I love you so much, you complete me.” He said as a came with a shout, his fingers digging into her hipbones hard enough that Dupe was very sure she would wear his mark tomorrow.


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