Book Giveaway & Review – Son of my Father by Tosin Olukuade

Book Giveaway & Review - Son of my Father by Tosin Olukuade - elsieisy blog

I have been seeing post about Son of my father on social media and have wondered what this book could be about. At some point I settled with the idea that the book must be just another one of those books about God and man, so I paid less attention. Not because I do not believe in God or because I am not a Christian. I am just tired of humans thinking their own path and relationship with God have to be same way with others.

I am of the opinion that, just as every other thing in life, our relationship with God is very personal and can take different turns for different people. Well…this post is not about my belief and faith…So let’s move on.

I got an autographed copy of Son of my father by Tosin Olukuade because I am bad like that…Smug* and a beautiful photo too. Yes I am beautiful. Judge the picture below by yourself…who fine pass?

Book Giveaway & Review - Son of my Father by Tosin Olukuade - elsieisy blog
Tosin Olukuade and myself

I woke up this morning with less on my plate. I wasn’t even hungry, I was just alive and happy. So I thought, why not read a book? Why not read ‘Son of my Father’? You got a copy yesterday.

Book Giveaway & Review - Son of my Father by Tosin Olukuade - elsieisy blog

Reading I began and I am glad I did.

Of course I realised just again that assumption is the mother of all fuck ups. The book was not about what I imagined, rather a man who have been able to reflect on his almost 40years on earth and realised the great role his father’s way of life impacted on his life.

I did not drop the book for once till I read the last word of its last chapter.

The book resounded the need for men to understand that being a father is much more than dropping sperm in a fertile woman. It is a responsibility, a call to duty, an event that awakens your humanity and above all, a call for balance.

Looking at this book at face value, you will see a man overly in love with his father while trying to make his father smile by trying to write that book his father did not get to write. He mentioned that his father said something which hinted like a form of regret about his life, being that his eyes defect which had gone beyond medical restoration had hindered him from writing some books so he would at least share some of his experience, faith and walk with God such that many lives would have benefited from the grace in his life.

You would probably see a son who tried to mirror his father’s life to the best of his knowledge in order to put a smile on his face on his 80th birthday.

But no….

I employ you to read deep and think deep.

I wrote something about call for balance above, which many men lack in this day and age. In life, you have to apply balance or you would fail woefully. Of course Tosin Olukuade made us understand that he had many injuries as a stubborn child that I would like to call him but his father’s love and care drew my attention more. I was almost moved to tears. In this book, you will find a man who didn’t leave the caring and loving role in the family to be played only by his wife. He played his role and lived a life which served and is still serving as a standard for his children.

He didn’t lead by force but by example. He had his flaws and also learnt to let go. He believed in God and taught his children to do same by example. He wasn’t raising his children to conform to some way of life laid down by him or some group of humans somewhere, he let them live their lives while holding them close to his heart and loving them.

He also didn’t fail to talk about the virtuous woman, the wife of this father, his mother, who his father trusted enough to hand his heart to.

Every father and intending father should pick up this book and read. I know you will pick one or two lessons from this book. I was raised by a single mother who perfectly played the role of a father and mother in my life. It’s funny but I see a lot about my mother in this book while reading it. Maybe I will get my lazy self to write a version of ‘Daughter of my mother’…LOL

This book is a perfect gift for your husband, son, brother, nephew, neighbor and every male figure around you. It takes us all back to the way God fathers us.

Unfortunately, I cannot give out my autographed copy but one lucky winner will get a copy of the Son of my father from me.

If you are interested just drop a comment below stating why you are the Son of your father. Say something nice about the man who raised you…will you?


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  1. *scratches head* My father is just not extra special, he is just the sort of man that have fallen quite hard (and often) but still finds a way to get up. Then he is painfully honest, like I am becoming.

  2. Its amazing the vital role a father plays in the life of every human.For me my father (God rest his soul) taught me all the values ingrained in my person today as a man.I can well say say i am the son of my father because unconsciously, i see myself living out those core values that he always stood for and propagated.1.) Integrity and hardwork pays: i recall one incident where some folks offered to give us the pirated version of dstv decoder tonpay less. Dad turned it down, saying it was fraud and we should always hold integrity high so we wont ever have to stutter. It was a vital learning point for us.2.)Responsibility : knowing there was a father in the house, we had no worries. Same faith i see my kids having in me today. As soon as daddy comes, he d fix it. With daddy nothing is impossible. Its an ingrained faith engendered by being responsible.3.) Humility and forgiveness: towing this path by default convinces me that i am the son of my father. He always sounded the need for humility and the benefits of forgiveness, no matter how wrong you feel treated.4.) Spirituality: the very conscious belief that there is a supreme being that governs the affairs of man. To hold God above all else as that the essence of man.Seeing myself living these core values convinces me daily that I AM THE SON OF MY FATHER.

  3. I, for one, I’ve always felt and this finally makes me confirm my hunch that I’m not the Son of my father; just like You wrote in the article, he only dropped sperm in a fertile mother and the rest is a story I’m not proud to share.But well I have a mother that plays both roles and because I really crave to have a copy of that indispensable book I deem it fit to say some nice things about her. To start with, my mother is a man that’s only robed in a woman’s clothing. She is energetic, brave and hardworking. She does not neglect her duties and she never nags about having to bear so many responsibilities. My mother isn’t rich but I’ve never lacked food on my table or good clothes to wear. My mother believes there is a supreme being greater than us all. She is prayerful and accountable in all her deeds and doings. She is generous to a fault; she doesn’t own anything that she can’t give out. Though she could be sometimes unpredictable and tend to behave like the humans that we all are but she leads a very simple and exemplary life. She’s an epitome of motherhood and a goddess to be worshipped. All these and many more virtues she has passed on to her children. I’m a proud son of my mother and a promising proud father of my unborn sons.

  4. I am my father in every sense of the word. When I was in S.S 2 my father hit me with the question, “In 5 years time where do you see yourself?” and gave examples with the older youths around ( those who are achievers and under-achievers). Truth is, reflecting on that question shaped me in life and directed me rightly.And also, He taught me about self independence at an early age, which forced me to develop my skill set to get some earnings.He didn’t attend a university but He is one of the most education persons I know. HE IS THE MAN!

  5. My father taught me what life was about. He made me understand that we should not allow other people force us to live their lives. It is better to live ours. He will always tell me that there is nothing wrong in making a mistake but learning from it. My dad made so many mistakes but that did not stop him from showing us love.

  6. Well…My dad,my hero,my joy n my everything.growing up with him was wonderful n swit.he brut us up all by himself n made us not 2feel d absence of our mum even dou she is still alive.I luv n cherish him 4dt,he has a gud hrt,luv n respected by many people.Time wil nt permit me 2write everything about him dwn buh 2me if am given d opportunity 2cum dis world again,i wil still choose him 2b my dad.he is nt perfect buh he is strong n I luv him very very much.I wnt 2b lyk him wen i grow old.

  7. i am the son of my father not only because i have his looks or share part of my DNA with him. He is the greatest hero of all time and his core values has shaped me into the man that i have become. My father has been my friend, confidant and mentor.