6 easy steps to make a Girl SQUIRT

First off, I would want to debunk some myths about the female ejaculation.

  1. Only few girls can squirt: well that is not true, if she isn’t squirting it’s probably because you have not made her to.
  2. The G-spot Myth: Now locating the G-spot is key, The G-spot is not a myth, I repeat the G-spot is not a Myth, you have to locate it to make her gush.
  3. Stop! Its pee: No, don’t stop, when she says she wants to pee, it means that she is getting there.
  4. You have to be a Clitoral Lord to make a woman squirt: False, all you need to know is how to do it! And It you shall learn now:

Well now, all that has been said, here is the cheat on how to make a girl squirt amazingly without breaking sweat…(oh well you shall break into sweat at some point), so sit back, relax and learn.

Step One: Hydrate

Make her drink lots of water before the action starts, the reason is because squirting takes a lot of fluid out of her, you will need her to be well juiced up if you need her juices to flow *wink*

Step Two: Foreplay

Prepare her for the awesomeness you are about to unleash in her life, yes! Kiss, fondle, lick, suck, nibble, bite, all her erogenous zone, by now you should know what makes her twitch and curl her toes.

Step Three: Make her wet

Suck that pussy (excuse my French…not!)… Since you want her to gush, you have to prepare the path. Tap on her clitoris with your tongue fast, get her to the verge of orgasm; I tell you, it’s just awesome.

Step Four: Make her cum (Optional).

This step is not always necessary, but you could do it as part of preparation, the first orgasm is not always as strong as the subsequent ones, so you could give her a feel of what she is expecting, besides it does not hurt to make her extra juicy for the main course eh?

Step Five: Slide in those fingers and locate her Gspot (Let the games begin!).

If you still don’t know where her g-spot is, this is the time to find it.

With a finger, and your hand palms up, feel for a slight bump, about the size of a walnut located about two inches inside the vagina. It should be almost directly under the clitoris. It would have a different texture and consistency; it is usually rougher or squishy to the feel.

You found it yeah? Congratulations.

Step Six : Just Do it!

Now you know where her g-spot is right? Okay so start stroking it gently, in the come hither motion (you know that motion you make with two of your fingers when you are indicating to someone to come? Yes that’s it)squ

Don’t rush it or press too hard initially, keep stroking in that up and down motion gently till you notice that she starts getting wetter, slide in a second finger, by now her moans will be louder n she may beckon that you slid in your cock, do not give in to this temptation if you really want to make her squirt.

As she gets wetter you will hear a squishy or burpy sound, don’t worry, keep doing it, yes I know you are getting tired too, but this is what separates you from ordinary sex, so just do it! The g-spot is like a sponge; it contains a lot of liquid, and feels rough. Keep pressing your fingers against it, over and over, rhythmically, with the same kind of rhythm as if you were sliding your cock in and out of her pussy. as she enjoys it more, start doing it harder. The more she thrashes from side to side, the harder you do it.

Eventually, you can replace the tapping/poking of the g-spot with an outright speed-sliding of those two fingers in and out of her hole. Do it faster and faster, maintain the rhythm, but increase the force. Even when you’re slamming them straight in and out of her pussy, try and maintain an upward, outward force with the fingertips, so you’re still pressing up against that g-spot even as you’re slamming her with your fingers with reckless abandon.

Through all of this, she should be squirming, moaning and obviously loving it. If she’s not, you should stop. If she says it hurts (especially if she says it more than once, you might want to stop, slow down or not do it so hard. Make sure she’s always wet.

When she gets close to ejaculation, she will say that she needs to pee. She does not need to pee. It’s just a temporary sensation that will pass, but you have to make sure she knows about it beforehand, and you have to make sure she does not stop you, and you do not desist in your slamming.

Hold her legs apart with the other hand, if you have to make sure she stays relatively still (or she might get hurt on your fingers while thrashing about) you keep going. In fact, when she needs to pee, that’s when you should start doing it harder, cause orgasm, is around the corner.

10-50 seconds after the pee sensation begins, she will start to cum. When she does, don’t stop. Just do it harder and harder and harder, pressuring the g-spot upwards all the while. Now she should start to ejaculate. She’ll scream, and her pussy will start shooting clear (transparent), fluid all over the place. There could be a lot of it, it might soak you completely and soak the sheets and everything around her, so make sure you’re prepared.

Relax and enjoy the wetness seep into your bed sheets or whatever it is, you have made her squirt. Be careful not to overdo this, as she may pass out due to loss of fluids.

The assurance I can give you is that she will literally die n go to “Cum heaven”, get ready for awesome sex! Oh no you won’t be forgotten easily 😉

Written by – HotPie!!!

www.thatyellowsisi.com @thatyellowsisi

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  1. Chai. Tis life sha. Elsie I hail u. *Searching for ma chewing stick*Elsie I hail u again. Still Gerry Bond*whew*!!!And Elsie I still dey h…

  2. hmmmmm….sex education 201….so I got to the burpy part but didnt pursue it further because the sound came like 3 times, he was exhausted and I was too embarrassed to continue. It sounded kinda like a fart!But thanks again for this…at least I know he was doing something right

    1. Osheeeey jare. Almost thought all my female readers never experienced this. Lol

  3. Nice one as usual. I’m proud of your discovery and to call myself the CLITORAL LORD sha. Loool

  4. Most men just want to have sex to satisfy their urge without thinking of first pleasing and satisfying his partner..I which makes it just sex instead of love making.

    1. True izy. That’s the problem. Men should think of satisfying their partner and ladies too. Thanks .

  5. Haaaaaay… I still dunno how I feel about this squirting thing though…. It happened once and I didn’t feel anything special… Oh well.

  6. I love this style and I cannot count number of times I had made my babe do it. The experience is just out of this world and elongates man’s ejaculation. In addition while doing it, feel the boobs, suck it, massage the clitorus intermittently….. Say nice words to your partner… Just enjoy the sex…. Have a cool music playing at the background(I wld suggest Jazz music)… Don’t forget to rub on Olive oil as a pre fore play/massage on your ladies body…. Ping me for practicals..

    1. Bros, Olive oil doesn’t smell very pleasant and its heats up as u rub continually,U should use a lubricant, its more “professional” and also drop a lil honey on her nipples n clit, I stil have the eye drop bottle I converted 4 d purpose during my last relationship, makes it more interesting and sweeter ofcos. 29247AF9 Greg

  7. You are a genious…I feel very educated now..now my wife can bring it on! Am ready

  8. Lol……..nice one today and I won’t say much but two points.1. You got my dick harder as I read through because I fix myself in the act.2. Nothing beats sentencing her to Cum Heaven.

  9. Making her cum is very important….. Go harder, Go Further, if not why bother? Nice piece …. Mayowa

  10. i bend a knee for you. There is actually a video on this called Squirting orgasm mastery. it was demonstrated on 5 different gals and the result is same. works very well

  11. Great job on dis topic but to also boost and add more spine arching pleasure to d ritual,tryin licking annd gently sucking her pussy while doing the “come here” finger movement to her G-spot. Practically makes her pupil roll back and shows only the white part

  12. Wow, a lotta comments, I wonder why y’all didn’t take as much time with the other posts. I guess sex is always a people pleaser. This is good, some of it I knew but wasn’t sure of, now its clearer, I’ll need a whole lotta experiments to confirm it all. A comedian once said, suck one man’s dick right, and you got the trick to making any other dude on earth cum. But with a lady, get this one creaming and dripping like a honey comb, try it on another and get slapped like you just insulted a Mopol officer. Either way, its all about talking each other through it all. It doesn’t help to be a log of wood, with legs spread open as if the guy’s a gynaecologist. Y’all gotta be freaky at heart and orgasmic flushes will be the least of your worries. Thumbs up Elsie

  13. Wow Elsie, I’m so new 2 dis ur blog and I must confess that I’m a big time learner. Been readings the stories/learning/teachings/literatures on here and I must say you are doing a great job making me hard always. I’m in abuja now and can’t wait to be in lagos so I can practicalise all I’ve learnt on here to my babe(s)

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