New found planet covered with Marijuana may be named after Bob Marley

NASA has announced this morning that they have discovered a planet completely covered with marijuana, a discovery that has completely taken scientists by surprise. Planet X637Z-43, discovered using NASA’s Kepler satellite, would also allegedly be one of the very few planets potentially habitable according to NASA experts, who have detected sufficient levels of oxygen and nitrogen to support human life. The presence of marijuana on other planets could strongly encourage future generations to take interest in space exploration, some experts believe.“We always think young people aren’t interested by anything but it’s false. Young people love smoking pot,” explains David Charbonneau, astronomer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. “Chlorophyll concentration analyses generated by Kepler lead us to believe that the level of THC in these marijuana plants is 3000% higher than the plants found on Earth. If that doesn’t motivate young people to explore space, I don’t know what will,” admits the expert, clearly enthusiastic.Regardless, marijuana will without a doubt be a valuable and indispensable resource for interstellar trips. Imagine if it takes 140 years to travel from one planet to another, let’s just say it’s going to be a very long trip. You better have rolled yourself a couple of joints for the road,” he admits with humor.Since the discovery, NASA has launched a campaign on social medias to name the new planet and so far, the name Bob Marley has taken the lead with over 2 094 367 votes at the time of this report Scoop has more 

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  1. What a fascinating post, Elsie! Marijuana lovers are surely going to love this planet but might get too old on the journey to this awesome place. I disliked how Mr. Charbonneau said that all youngsters love smoking pot. He should realize that not everyone’s the same whether they are young or old. Not every youngster wants to break the law.
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  2. Hey Elsie! Wow it’s amazing!! I hope though that youngsters would still be interested in the study of Astronomy without any Marijuana or drug associated to it. I believe there are still kids out there who dreams of exploring the outer space. Bob Marley planet, I can’t wait ’til the name gets official.

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