#BlogFest #50DaysCountDownTo2015 – Day 03. Written by @mchantel , she blogs at www.mchantella.blogspot.comCross your legs and speak slowlyDon’t play rough, be soft and sweet Don’t get fat or mess up your hair,Always smell good, keep your legs bare Aim to get married, don’t wait to get oldThen submit to your man, and do as you’re told. To church you must go, at least once a weekDress reserved and always be meek Don’t be too familiar with clubs, drinks and sex.Laugh at his jokes, and bring out his best. Cook his food and make his homebecause his the head and you condone Don’t step out of line, you must play your partgive him your life, your all, and your heart Don’t leave his side, forgive his mistakeseven if your heart he breaks Because he’s the man, and you’re his girlsecond class citizen, it’s a man’s world Play by these rules, and you’ll find a manyou may even land a nice rock on your finger But you’ll lose the most valuable thing you ownnot your virginity, your money or your throne You’ll lose your dignity, honour and souljust to play his wife-y role A marriage you won, but maybe you lostwhat’s good a love that’s gained at all cost? I rather be single and make my own rulesthan risk my love in the hands of these fools I live my own life and do as I pleaseI am a woman, phenomenally! Also read ‘GIVE UP ON LOVE AND GIVE UP ON YOURSELF’ & ‘STOP PHONE SNOOPING’ by ChantelWritten by Chantel, twitter- @mchantel inquiries, send mails to or tweet at @elsieisy

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