PROLOGUE.Aduke, the dusk is here againTo chant the lines of my poemInto your waiting ears.For Aduke.I.The ruin of some dreamsAre the fate of mere dustsScattered on the face of waftsShadows of the darkAre exposed at the entrance of light.Let this be a poemTo be read when the nightPays homage to our sights.II.Remember me as the wayfarer,Beautiful Aduke,Remember the journies into your rigid heart.Remember the songs,The poems i wroteThe once i chanted like an incantation to the godsIII.Elders have followed our shadowsTo plant bombs on the paths we trekBut shame has painted their face with gloom.Let the seer play the flute of fortuneOnly to himself;We have held hands, Aduke, to stroll against fortsAduke, the spider that webbed love in our heartsHad received a call to demiseBut he has left the ‘lettahs’ of love in our heartsIV.The wind is a traitor,Sometimes she befriends moistOnly to carry moistless messages to our skins…we part to meet,Meeting to part.Aduke,I may have stabbed the loveThat trust nurtures in our heartWith sharp edges of senselessness,I may have danced to the songs,Distant songs with distinct messagesCouriered on the wings of faulty windsI may have burnt the shadow of the moonForgetting that the sun sometimes lazily hidesUnder the spread of dark clouds,But,I still,Still rebrushes memories of our trustWith the furs of undoubted love.I still remember you as a loverStrolling the streets of the nightWith a ballad of love on her tongue.Felicia:I still remember well those years in junior secondary school.Memories cuddles my veins and it gives my wrist the pains only writingcan dissolve.Do you remember? That time, around december I think. The scent ofchristmas had filled the air.It was a thursday morning,  Everyone were marrowed in the bones ofchristmas and the excitement was in every way written all over ourfaces like tribal marks in the faces of a typical Ibadan man.We all were dressed in the white shirt and black shorts with sockswhich varies and its grades tells the fatness of the respective familypockets.Do you remember the song we sang?We are H a p p y…!I remembered how Gideon,  the School’s bully started a fight on theassembly ground. It was a nice view seeing him shed flourishly infront of us all.Felicia, time is like a fig tree- it withers.When I sit to gather memories of our plain love which only heartscould tell the tale, I feel like I should visit my young days again,dragging you with me into the future.I remembered how you winked at me on the assembly ground. How you ranout of your line just to tell me that your friends, Memo and Kemjy arecalling you my wife. I love how you told me it was okay by you.Felicia, if you dont know, you taught me how to fight life withoutfear. I still feel the sensation I acquire when you move your handsslowly on my skin. Especially,  when we are alone during Breakrefusing to go and join other kids on the play ground.Felicia,  I missed you so much during that christmas that I had towalk down from Agege to Palmgroove just to crack your ribs. Iremembered the kiss you gave me (my first). How you told me you sawyour sister did it to husband.I pray,  Felicia,  that the chimes of christmas brings you to my arms again.Darling, the journies through maturity has brought my heart to wreckbut what shall I do?Let me retire to return again when mood grips my veins.Yours Alone.©Adedayo Adeyemi Agarau

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