Shall I see you as the glistening sunSetting on the steeps of mount olives uponOr the flawless green lushes of the sycamoresThat adorn the sunlit soils of Nile shores?I might take you as the moonThat encompass the ocean riseBut I shame to see soonThat you are of better price.You are the stars in the dark skies of midsummerThe sculpted pottery of ancient Sumer.The cherry that blooms in southAnd its nut the sweet of the mouth.Your words are as decrees of reed stylusSpotting rolls of Egyptian  papyrus,A millennium of love lettersAnd big bounds of bronze fetters.I may compare your comfortTo the gentle harmattan chill from northOr a sea of winter snow alighting forth,But of truth, you are of higher worth.Oh divine,Beauty of beautiesThe fair of fairiesAnd the burning blaze of the sun,The sound of your name is like the air sweeping through the sea-Sweet waves of whispers and whispers and whispersIt only gets sweeter upon each calling,I have minted your name in my heartAnd my heart flutters like a coin tossed on highUpon falling caught by the spear of Cupid,It is January.Oh sweetness,Essence of goldGlitter of diamondAnd the star in the planet of stars,Look how the stars spread the skyAnd flowers lay the fields far and nighLike a swarm of locusts, a herd of caterpillarsOn a cursed coco-yam plantation,A few short hours and the bells shall ring with our namesAnd the isles echo with our vows.It is April.Oh honey pot,Cascading blues of winterEyes like a sea of lighted gemsLike swift patterns of soft colours washing the sun:Two orbicular sunbows hung beneath the brow.I have died a thousand deathsSince the time I tasted your lipsThose twin pebbles, piles of honeycombThat taste like heaven on earth,No man is man yetThat has kissed your lips not.It is September.Oh my Sweet ladyI have taken a million forms since the time of our first sex,Last night I was a shepherd watching my sheep on a winter night,Tonight I am the sheep watching fireflies chase the storm.It is December,Your name is awash with too much callingAnd the nights fading with too much watching,By God, let us marry on the tomb of st. Valentine.Anne,my sugar coated Anne,meet me in Russia, amidst her snowhanging from her teeth like clouds on sky,meet me in Canada, neath her flowersblooming with centuries of watched love,meet me in Africa, under her hot sun,under her hot hot streaming sunglistening in the pool of my sweatLike new-cut diamond in china basin,hurry, meet me in Nigeria,before I am death and forgotten,forgotten till you meet me in No man’s land.Oh I am so lonely here,So lonely.Submitted By: Obodokasi Adehtem

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