The Broken Trust


It all started in 1980 in Monrovia, Liberia, when I turned 18. I decided to look around with great excitement for a girlfriend. At that time I was interested in girls around my own age, who were still at school.

In our tradition, when a boy child reaches the age of 18, the entire family is anxious to see him get married and begin to produce grandchildren.

I was still in high school and working part time in the city. Fortunately on 18 December 1980 my uncle arrived from the rural area to visit me. During our evening conversation, I informed him about my desire to find a lover.

Wow! A lover”, Uncle Joe exclaimed. “I have an angelic beauty in B.F.Goodrich, where I work, awaiting you. Would you like to visit?

Yes, oh yes!” I answered with great emotion.

I promised to visit Uncle Joe as soon as he left. Two days later heleft to go home. I left the city on December 22, 1980 to visit the company area where my uncle lived and worked.I reached there at 3pm. Upon my arrival Uncle Joe informed me that Lao [pseudonym] – an 18-year-old year 12 student – was not only beautiful, but was eager to learn. However, she had dropped out of school because of lack of support. He also said Lao’s father decided to stop supporting her because she is a girl.

In their tradition, a girl child is considered a housewife and she does not carry the family name forward therefore much attention is not given to her education.

At 7pm Uncle Joe took me to Lao’s father’s house.

Hello,” he said, “This is my nephew I have long talked about.”

Mr. and Mrs. Harris [pseudonym] warmly welcomed me. I gave them my name and explained a little about myself. Presumably, they knew the purpose of my visit, so Mr. Harris quickly sent for his daughter.

As Lao appeared, her beauty fascinated me and hundreds of impressive thoughts ran across my mind. Lao came into the room and sat beside her mother. We briefly discussed my interest in her and everyone including Lao accepted my proposal for marriage in the future. However, we would date and get to know each other first.

The next day, I decided to return to the city. Before leaving, I invited Lao to visit me in January 1981. She arrived in the city 15 January 1981.

On 25th January I accompanied Lao to Todee, a district where the school was located to register her with the Presbyterian Mission. Her two brothers were already registered there as boarding students. I didn’t have sufficient money to support her on the mission campus, so I decided to rent a room in the nearby village to accommodate her. Lao spent two semesters and, at the end of the second semester, she invited me to attend the closing program. She expected me on Friday morning but I went Thursday night at 10pm instead because I wanted to be on time at the ceremony.

When the bus dropped me I saw a taxi cab parked before Lao’s house. I went into the house, and what a surprise, I saw the taxi driver in Lao’s room. He was naked only wearing his two palms as a brief, sitting at the foot of the bed, staring at the tiny window and shivering in fear.

Lao, who is this gentleman” I asked with rage.

She remained silent in tears while the gentleman replied,

My brother, I did not make love to your girl”.

Stand up and get out” I shouted at him. He quickly fled the room and jumped into his taxi, (still naked), and left.

At 5am the next morning I left for Goodrich to inform Lao’s parents about the incident. She followed later to explain in crocodile tears that she made love to the gentleman in order to learn how to drive.Upon hearing this I was shattered and discouraged. My interest in her vanished and my excitement miserably perished until next time I went looking for love.


Submitted by Timileyin

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  1. Y wil I @ mr ropo,we hardly keep secret,most of we ladies re @less,even though dere re some of u guys dat re mur @less nd thoughtless dan we are.Bt I wil rather trust a male fwend dan a female fwend.

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