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“Hi, how are you doing? ….You will have to call me back, I am in the middle of something very important.”  He hung up.“Is that the same Betty?” His mother asked while rolling her eyes.

“Yes mum, I wonder what she wants from me. That aside, I need to go and see Denike. We have to talk so as to know how best to please her father. All that happened in the past should remain in the past because I am not willing to let it disturb my happiness” John said as he stood up.

“Ademi!, you are just like your father. He never gives up on what he wants. He never gave up on me even when he knew I didn’t love him as much as he loved me. He kept on showering me with so much affection, that this heart of mine had no choice than to fall for him. It’s such a pity that the cold hands of death took him away from me when my love for him began to blossom. He was gone before I realized how much I love and miss him. He was a wonderful man”

John and Deji stood speechless listening to madam Yejide speak and baring her emotions out. She paused for a second and gazed at the both of them.

“Go my sons, don’t listen to my ramblings. I am very sure you would find a way to sort all these things out. I trust you”“Mum!” John exclaimed as he kissed his mum on her chin. “I will see you soon” he said.“Odabo ma” Deji said as they made their way out.

By the time they got to the Owolafes’ it was already dark, and so they decided it was too late to go into the compound to avoid further anger on Adenike’s dad’s part.

He called Adenike to meet them outside, they had a very long talk in which they agreed to Deji and John visiting on Wednesday evening to speak to Adenike’s dad. She assured them her dad would be home by then and John didn’t forget to mention the call from Betty. They were that open and told each other anything at the slightest opportunity.


On Wednesday morning just as John was settling into his office, his phone rang. This time he recognized the number as the same one Betty called him with the other day. He allowed the phone ring.

He was forced to pick when he already had ten missed calls and was sure she wasn’t gonna stop until he picks.He picked and spoke in a rather very harsh tone.

“Betty, to what do I owe these calls? Why are you disturbing me? I remember making it clear to you that I don’t ever want to hear from you or set my eyes on you ever again. Neither have I ever prayed nor wish we cross path again. What do you want? How come you still have my number?”

His facial expression changed from the serious emphatic one to a rather surprised one as he replied, “A child? My son? What are you talking about? …….. I should call you if I ever want to meet my son?”

“You must be a joker”, were his last words as he hung up.

John sat perplexed the whole day. He was lucky not to have much work to do and that gave him time to do some divide and conquer thinking.

Deji call came in to let him know he would be waiting for him to pick him up as he wasn’t ready to do the Lagos drive.


Deji noticed John was laid back and asked what the problem was.

“Women are really funny o, they are really funny. Does she think I am stupid?” John said very frankly.

“Guy, calm down na. which woman do you again?

“Betty o!”

“Betty? What’s your business with her? What could she possibly do that is getting to you this much? Abi you still love am?” Deji asked.

“Love? Did you say love? How? So if I love her, what then do I feel for my woman? The one carrying my unborn child. My Adenike! Oh please!”

“Ogaa oo! We sef go love o. Guy, why then is Betty your problem?”

“She said she has a child for me”, John replied as calmly as he could.

“Child? She is selling children and wants you to buy from her. Did you tell her you were impotent? I don’t understand this gist” Deji said, trying to solve the puzzle.

“Guy!! You don chop?”

“yes na. What kind of question is that?”

“I need to ask that kind of question o. I am telling you Betty says she had a child for me. A son. And that I should call her if I want to at least meet my son” John said, trying to be more explicit.

Deji busted into an uncontrollable laugh section. He couldn’t help himself to stop.

“Guy, why the laughter? I am being serious here. She called me this morning to tell me.” John said

“Johnero!!! Why won’t I laugh? You and that Betty girl don dey madt o. I thought I heard something about her getting married after she broke up with you. Abi no be you give me the gist?” Deji said as he managed to hold his laughter.

“Oh! You remember? I just tire. I thought all through the day. Trying to see if there is any possibility but I couldn’t figure.”“John! Please, I have had enough laughter for the day. Say no more”

“You are just a very big foolish brother” John said to Deji as he increased the music playing on the radio.They got to Adenike’s house. They were lucky to find her dad in the siting room.

The discussion began. It took a lot of talking, persuading, convincing, and diplomacy. Adenike and her mum had to join in the pleading at some point. They were finally relieved when Adenike’s dad finally spoke to them and promised he would try to let sleeping dogs lie even though it was really painful.

Adenike’s mum insisted they had dinner before leaving. They were soon ready to leave and Adenike walked them out as usual.Deji walked ahead, thereby giving John and his woman a little space to discuss.

John decided to tell Adenike how his day was. He told her about Betty and was shocked when Adenike shouted at the top of her voice.“what? I just knew it. I knew you were too good to be true. So you had a son all these while and you kept it away from me? Like mother like son. Please just stay far away from me. I don’t ever want to see you…..

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  1. Now this is what i call foolishness on john’s part. You need to be open wit ur partner,yes, but a real man don’t tell his woman everything. Why tell her betty called in the 1st placeRuining his mouth llike a girl

      1. Its pure immaturity from all ‘real’ men’s view and sheer stupidity from majority of women’s view dear,take it or leave it. Love and common sense are 2 different ingredients needed in a relationship to last. And when common sense fails, a man turn to a parrot and the relationship shatters in bitterness.

  2. Sits in front with Africa salad and cold malt.I am loving this Ma’am!Which of the blogs are you using?

  3. Adenike is just selfish and shallow, has she forgotten she had a child too and john welcomed her with open arms,

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