NSCDC officer at it again


Ruth Kusemiju not only had to battle the rain today, but also had to battle the cannibal whose first name is supposedly Mary, an NSCDC official.

nscdc bite

Apparently the officer assumed Miss Ruth knocked her beret off her head and instead of confirming, she proceeded to bite the young lady.


And felt even more justified as Ruth’s blood dropped from her mouth.I think it is safe to assume that she is a cannibal…or is that too harsh?Dear civilians it is official, anytime you upset an officer from the law enforcement agency, they are liable to bite you.Knocking off your beret and inflicting a bite…really does the punishment fit the crime?What is happening to our Officials in Nigeria?Click here for full details.

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  1. walai, she is moreeeee than a cannibal. which kain mumu beret be that one? she is lucky that it is not me….her oga at d top woulda been the one to settle the matter. rubbish!

  2. I think most people are drepressed and they need help. Such aggression shows her mental state. That is what the country(Nigeria) does to people.

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