A Guy’s Dilemma V


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At a point i stood still in awe and wondered, not. knowing what to do as my mum dash in and out of the kitchen. She sprinkled water on Adenike’s face and Nike blinked.I was brought back to reality when my mother beckoned on me to come help her place Adenike on the couch. I rushed towards them, raised her up and placed her on the couch.

“The first time i ever fainted was when i found out i was pregnant of Pamilerin, can i be pregnant? I wouldn’t be surprised if i be pregnant this time, because we practically threw caution (protected sex) out of the window after the proposal”. She pondered as she sat quietly.Mum thought same too, but decided to keep quiet and stay out of the matter. She sat pretty closed to Adenike and tried to make her comfortable.“Hey, I am Deji, your soon to be best man, sorry they forgot to introduce me. Apology accepted, thank you, you are welcome” Deji said. Trying to be funny with his embrayotic British accent.He succeeded in making everyone laugh, lunch was served and done. Soon everyone was ready to be on their way home.As soon as they drove out of the compound, Adenike pleaded with John to drive her to the hospital. She insisted that she needed to know why she fainted.After a little while in the hospital, the result came out and she was truly pregnant. John was very happy but Adenike wasn’t. She thought of her telling her mum shes pregnant again before marriage and how disappointing that would be after the love and support that has been shown to her in the past despite her mistake.She told John how she felt about the situation and wouldn’t mind aborting the baby. And that very point it felt like Adenike just activated a bomb. John was so furious. Adenike had never seen in such anger, he was saying so many things at the same time that she couldn’t put the words together; she could feel the pain in his voice and volcanic heat in his actions. He was causing a scene actually and she had to go down on her knees to get John’s attention and calm him down. They resolved to speeding up the marriage plan so that nobody would have to notice the pregnancy before marriage.He drove right back to his mum’s. As John’s mum saw them drive in, she was really surprised and wondered what must have happened.She rushed out to the driveway before they got out of the car to find out what had happened but John assured her that nothing was wrong and that they just needed to talk to her about something and that they both need her love and support.They headed back into the house and settled in. John told his mum about Adenike’s pregnancy. She was overwhelmed with Joy, did some dancing and hugged Adenike. She then sat close to her , since they both were obviously not in the same mood as she is. She then looked at her son and asked, “what is the problem in her being pregnant?”Before John could answer his mum, Adenike spoke up “Mummy, has John told you i have a child?”John’s mum gave her son a startled look………

Episode VI


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  1. Smooth-flowing piece with a little touch of suspense. I love the lighthearted feel of the plot immediaely after the restive scene that ushered in the story. Cool one !

  2. Elsie u are good mhen, I already thought deji was pamilerin’s dad….abeg complete this story oo

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