A Guy’s Dilemma 1


Its 6:00am on a Saturday morning…

“Sleep decides to leave me this early i just wonder where it’s going to…*shrugs*

How is today going to be sef? No work at the office today (thank God), No plans, No wedding, No babe to even call my own….. Do I have time for woman wahala? “


And those two words were the first to escape from John’s thought

*He picks up his BB, launches Blackberry messenger, goes through his contacts (friends, foes and monitoring spirits) updates….opens a few display pictures(DP)….searches for Adenike and checks out her DP.*

Adenike is a fairly dark complexion single lady, average height, with a body shape to die for, firm boobs and ass, works with a consulting firm and still a student of one of the tertiary institutions on a part time program. John met her a month ago, and they bonded nicely, exchanged numbers and hooked up for dinner.

“Mehn! This babe is fine, see those eyes, lips…boobs…but pictures can lie sha o. Ahn! Ahn! She is more beautiful than this na. Picture truly lie……….” John gives a long hiss and throws phone on the bed big enough to accommodate two more people…. eyes fixed at the fan and feeling cool with himself.

“But I think I need a steady woman in my life, I miss Betty”. His smile broadens. “Her morning looks, voice, smiles, the sound of her laughter, she is even more pretty without make up….I don’t understand why ladies love all this crayon ish…only for us to swallow colour water in the name of kissing….may we not have cancer o”


That happens to be the third word but an exclamation for the morning.

“Betty would have bounced on me, our pillow fights, cut my nails, sex in the kitchen, great breakfast, go see a movie or go to the beach, long hand in hand walk in the evening, Betty really understood me and made me happy”

Suddenly the smile fades away

“But where did I go wrong? Despite all of these she still left me….it’s hard to admit but she left me for that guy…that guy o…what didn’t I do right? What words didn’t I say? Or did I not compliment her enough? Didn’t we go shopping enough? Abi money no reach? “

“Ah! I tried na….mehn No! No! No! Women are No No for me!”

Just after John shouted those words that truly brought him back to reality, his phone rings…………guess who?



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  1. Beautiful… I m suspecting John s eventually going to meet someone that will make him to suspend his own narrow definition of the oposite sex. He s going to be happy again…The writer shuld try to work on the art of suspence which enable the reader to be glued to the write up until he s done with the article. The direction of the story is pretty obvious after a few paragraphs. My opinion.

  2. Hmmmmmmm, lovely write up! Betty on the phone! Patiently waiting for the continuation where they will both ginger themselves to a very gud time! Good job dear! 😉

  3. Hmmmm…me I no de like dis kain fin nah,dis is d only time I av to read buh u dint finish.pls send me d continuation u hear? Nice 1! I love d #sex in d kitchen part…memories!

  4. A very interesting read!!\nEagerly waiting for the second part!\nThumbs up ElsieIsy!!

  5. Thanks for your nice article. Really this article is very helpful.Can you tell
    when you will publish this kinds of article?


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