A Guy’s Dilemma II


 A Guy’s dilemma I

John looks at the screen of his phone, smiles and picks up

John:  Hello Mama!……..

Mum: How are you my dear?

John: I am fine mum, woke up not quite long. How are you mum?

Mum: I am fine too. Have you prayed this morning?

John:  Yes mum, I have……*His eyes rolls at his own lies*

Mum: That’s good dear, make sure you always pray. Bawo ni nkan?

John: Mo wa pa mummy

Mum: Bawo ni?

John: Mumie, I am fine, just relaxing.

Mum: Bawo ni?

John: Mum, I will come spend next weekend with you, I know you miss your boy.

Mum: Omo mi….Oro ti aso ni jo si nko? Oro iyawo! Mu iyawo wale fun mi!!!!….. Se owo ni osi ni? Abi o pe l’omokunrin ni?…..

John: Mum please be patient….with time you will meet her. Let’s not rush about this… God’s time is the best you know.

Mum: God! God! God! My son, abi are you impotent? Talk to me. I am your mother….. Se o lese ni? (Can’t you do?)

John: *laughs hysterically* Mummy I will talk to you later…take good care of yourself, I love you…..Bye….

Mum: Ademi…..

John: Bye mum.

Mum: Okay ooo. To ju ara e. And don’t forget what we just talked about. God bless you

John: Amen mami.

Call ends…….

*John still laughing, laughter fades, smile fades, serious straight face sets in……uhmmmm Adenike…..


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