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[I wouldn’t want this to be too long and boring so I’ll try to make it as short as possible and answer questions to the best of my knowledge if any arises.]If you don’t believe in spirituality then please stop reading ( before you stop reading note that everything that happens physically takes place first in the spirit world) but if you do thanks for stopping by. ;)There’s a constant battle between the flesh and the spirit, Good and Bad, Love and Hate, Pride and Humility, etc but it all comes down to the fight for the soul. LIGHT and DARKNESS.We youths all want to be successful. We want to drive the best car, live in a lovely house with the best and latest architectural design, wear expensive clothing, basically live the Trend!…who no like better thing? :D. Yes,We all do. Yet, let’s not forget one very vital fact, “How we get there matters”. There are different route to the seeming success but there’s only one way to the real success which is discovering yourself – hard work – perseverance – humility – and above all Faith in God.Being a muslim or christian is not the topic of discussion here, because I have chosen to believe we serve one supreme God. So many youths today don’t care how they get there, they don’t care how their actions affects their relationship with God, all they care about is getting there. I remember a lady said to me sometimes back and I quote “babes, from all I’m seeing, it seems these peeps in different cults makes the money and fame and we are here calling God God. I think I will join them if I have the opportunity then come back to beg for forgiveness after getting the wealth” and we laughed it over. But out of the fullness of the heart …………..This zeal, when not managed well is a potential link for darkness to take over ones soul.Yesterday I had the opportunity to listen to a confession that really shook me and lot of listeners, then I remembered @dollycent ‘s tweets some days back…I sure wouldn’t go into the full details but this confession made me realize how real and intense this Battle between Light and Darkness has become and its safe and sad to say many youth are falling into the wrong hands out of ignorance and for the love of fame and wealth. Yes satan has fallen but he doesn’t back down easily. He’s using every Good thing human has found love in to posses and manipulate us..internet, music, books and money. From that confession, it was made clear that the so called Illuminati, church of satan, Adder, morpheus, Leo, persian gods, marine world, the meaning to the pyramid sign on the dollar currency, etc are not mere fictions. Also made it clear that the songs released by members of these dark kingdoms are rendered in their secret cult caves for their kind of prayers before being released. Now listening to these songs normal and enjoying their lyrics has no effect on humans until you listen with the help of catalyst – Valium 5, morphine, cocaine, tramadol, marijuana, Alcohol, etcThat being said, the truth is devil has nothing to offer you. The devil is a very cruel and cunning being that knows when and how to manipulate, he would not give you talent, hell No! All wonderful talents are given by God but satan knows how to frustrate and finally make you feel you can’t get there without his help. He (satan) can only get you there faster with the same God given talent just to win your soul and finally destroy you. If you doubt this then look at it this way, you will agree with me that not all beings are talented right? Okay if you agree then if this satan is such a wonder that gives wealth, why isn’t everyone in his kingdom wealthy and famous? Why are there still people he uses as sacrificial lambs.? And remain very poor? I don’t know what you might be going through right now, I don’t know what kind of dreams you are having, I don’t know what being appears to you physically or in your dreams to promise you heaven and earth, but one thing I’m sure of is that devil find the stars of God, the ones God has set aside for his glory and the destruction of the kingdom of darkness and manipulates them. Some of us have people we look up to, we want to be like him/her….yes its awesome to applaud people’s great work but please GUARD your SOUL. The devil has always been a LIAR and won’t stop. Be contented and focused. There are God’s general that has made it And their success comes with eternal peace. Fight the good Battle. Every good thing you have and will ever have comes from God, everything big starts little, and anything that starts dubiously ends dubiously.Love you all :*

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  1. Nice write up..truth is nowadays,nobody cares how Ʊ make it..all dey r concerned abt is the money…What most people don’t realise is that the Soul is the envy of the devil…N its a pity that most people have sold theirs cheap either Ignorantly or Knowingly…Well,its all abt Choice tho…….

  2. Well,I’d say thumbs Elsie.. The bible says guard your heart withh all diligence coz out of it are the issues of life… The devil is out to destroy us all,but we all know this.. When Eve and Adam ate the apple,they became aware of the “good” and “bad”.. So now we all know what is good and what is bad,we shouldn’t blame it on the devil.. We also can resist him..and how do we do so?? By feeding on the word of God…

    1. Like the person above me rightly said!!! There’s always a choice and we shouldn’t always blame it on the devil!! But at thesame time some of these things elsie has listed out has to come to pass to fufil the word of GOD. Life is a big mystery. Sometimes I just wonder if one really has a choice, for GOD’s word to come pass. GOD dey sha

  3. Moi Heart… well prepared piece, BRAVO sweety! Its so sad most youth turn to chose the other side of good as the Most HIGH has given us a free will, we shouldn’t accept wrong because we are battling some challenges which might be quite outrageous, truth be said; “We all know what looks right from wrong”.. sad! sad!! sad!!! see why i chose not to take alcohols? cos nah u 1st accuse me when i talk say Fayrouz nah ma fav drink ooh… =D #Goodwork

  4. Nice 1 there baby…….d 2ruth will alwayz be better………..datz why our peeps die of lack of wisdom……….dis dayz,I believe somtin…….its not abt How Far—-or How Well…….but its all abt d grace of God…………so I tried neva 2 envy d so called rich peeps bcos wen my time coms…….me 2 go spend nd make impacts……..Datz all

  5. Nice write up… even though i do not necessarily believe in the “spirituality” of groups like the Illuminati as mentioned above, because i believe all these are tools used by preachers and their fanatics to manipulate their churches into believing things that are not proven to be true. But i would say the belief in God is the way to go…. God is indeed all we need. Listen to music and sources of entertainment that lift your soul and dont border on the vain or arrant nonsense…. \nWe were all created for a purpose, we all need to accept that its not in everyone’s destiny to be wealthy…and at the same time it is not in our destiny to be paupers…. \nCheers.

  6. illuminati or not i dont really care. cant deny that there are groups like that or even worse, but it aint really a factor to ones life(at least mine). i think ones focus should be more on God and the knowledge of his word. who really cares that there are robbers out there where your neigbourhood is well secured. The factor is the security around you and not the insecurity out there…catch ma drift

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