Memoirs of Eva – 6

memoirs of Eva

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In one swift move, his mouth crushed mine. His teeth tugged at my lips, as he seeked an entrance into my mouth. I remember this sensation coursing down my spine too well, I remember how his lips could make me tremble all over.

Just like they’re doing now, my subconscious retorted.

I moaned against his lips, opening my mouth, my tongue playing with his, a sensual dance. I felt self-loathing and yet, a sense of… Awakening.

This man that had wronged me in so many ways, and yet still had the power to make me weak with just a touch of his lips to mine.

Eva,” he murmured against my lips, his teeth gently grazing my lips, sucking my lower lip. And in a fury of passion, I reply his call.


Soon, my head is on his shoulder and I can feel the hot tears coursing down my cheeks, blinding me.

Please, come back to me. I’ve searched for you everywhere.”

Suddenly, his words from minutes ago rush back to me and I suddenly jerk away from him, untangling myself from the embrace.

Is David really dead?” I ask, my eyes piercing his for answers. Answers I most likely already know.

His deep sigh tells me all I need to know. Averting my eyes, I allow the tears flow a little before I wipe them away with the back of my hand.

Hey,” I say, turning back to Dayo, “I have to go now. Work tomorrow.”

Call in sick, you’re coming with me.”

What? Who do you think you are?”

He raises his eyebrows and smirks.

The man you’re going to be spending the night with? And hopefully, the nights to come.”

This man is despicable! “Dayo, what part of your Eva is dead did you not understand?

My Eva cannot be dead, woman. With the way you responded to my kiss, she’s still there, somewhere within you, lurking deep inside, waiting for me. Just like I’ve been waiting for her.” He’s taken a couple of steps towards me as he spoke, his stride slow yet confident. “Come back and be my Ana again, Eva. Come back and let’s start it again. Or continue from where we stopped however you want it.”

Does he not understand that this cannot work? I shake my head at him, my eyes conveying all I have to say – I hope – and start walking over to my car.

I can only imagine what Tunde is thinking; somehow I had managed to forget about him.

Before I get to the passenger side of the car, Tunde’s at my side.

Eva, I didn’t know if I would be welcome to your conversation. Are you okay? Is there any problem?”

The only problem is the ones I’ve caused myself, I think. I sneak a peek at my wrist watch and sigh inwardly. 10:15p.m. We left my parents’ house at some minutes to 8.

See what giving a blowjob in the car causes, my subconscious says.Before I can stop myself, I’m laughing out, my head finally processing the events of the day. I’m holding my stomach and laughing hard, my eyes getting teary with each bout of laughter that explodes from me.And I suddenly realize how funny life’s turns are. We could have been hit by a Jaguar, a Buggati; what am I saying? Even a trailer! Yet, its Dayo Abiola’s car we encounter. And when I go down to try to use my ‘magic’ to get us out, I end up kissing the man I’ve sworn to hate.

Again, another fit of laugher escapes from me and I have to lean against the car to stop myself from falling. When I do finally gain my composure back, I’m greeted by the sight of Tunde and Dayo staring at me, bewildered. They exchange glances and then turn back to me, catching me staring, my lips turned up in a smile.

Are you okay?” They both ask at the same time.

I’m fine, guys. Relax.” I open the backseat’s door and pick up the food basket Shola had packed. Picking up my bag from the front seat, I straighten up and smile, my arms occupied with a bag and basket.

You know, sometimes, it’s good to forget the rules and ditch the carefully laid out plans.” I grin at the both of them, still looking lost,

Tunde, do return the car to my parents and send my love to them, and Shola. I’ll be going with Mr. Abiola.”

Before any of them can speak, I strut to Dayo’s jeep and slide into the passenger seat, the basket in the back seat once again and my bag with it this time around.

Few minutes later, Dayo re-appears, his face splitting with a grin and I’m sure he had a few words of his for Tunde.

What’d you tell him?

I just emphasized on how great a time we were going to have tonight, emphasis on tonight was strong.” With a wink and a smile in response from me, he drove off into the night.

Thirty minutes later, after a laughter and pun filled ride, we arrived at his house. Or rather, one of his houses. This was one I had never been to before.

New place?”

He shook his head no. “I got it the week before you fled.”

I mouthed an ‘oh’ and stepped into the house. Standing in what I’ll call the lobby, I took in the artworks hanging on the wall. I wasn’t too engrossed to figure out when he stood behind me and put his arms around my waist.

Eva,” he murmured, brushing my earlobe, “Do you have any idea how much I missed you? Missed your voice, your laughter, your kiss…”

I took a deep breath in, trying to compose myself even as his tongue traced down my neck, biting here and there.

Your body? How its responded to me, like its doing now? How I could control it? How I worshipped it?” I could feel my nipples hardening and my body relaxing against his broad chest.

My mind kept telling me that this was dangerous territory, but before reasoning could step in, I was in his arms and his lips and mine were engaged in a fiery dance, this time hard and questing, not sensual like the other one had been.

Dayo” I moaned, hips lips biting mine lightly and tugging it. “Oh Dayo!“His hands had found their way to my tank top and had set to work taking it off.

Lift up your hands, baby” I did as he said, my lips still on his. He tugged off my tank not so gently and his hands clasped my breasts through my bra. “Oh, I missed these glorious set of yours. These two cups moulded perfectly to compliment your body

His lips left my mouth and trailed their way to my breasts and he was soon licking first one, then the other.

As his lips tool one of my hardened nipples into its warm haven, I felt some fingers tugging down my shorts.

In one swift move, my shorts were down and his fingers had pushed my panties to one side.

As he drove a finger then two into my warm love hole, I gave out a loud moan, almost animal like as he pushed me on the chair by the wall and finger fucked me.

Oh my goodness, Dayo, please…”

Please what?” he growled in my ear.

Please, please sir.”

What should I do?

Please, pleasure me sir. Take me now, hard and fast.” I panted, as his fingers dug into me harder and faster, “Sir.


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