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useI know MB is like gold in this part of the world, especially for those on Android like me. So i want to say a very big Thank you to those that take out their time and MB to listen to me speak. God bless you. And to you that join the conversation by dropping a comment, “You have a special place in my heart“. If you missed my previous Audio posts, click here. And to those that wonder what Elsie looks like, well, scroll up, you missed a version of me..LOL

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  1. LmAO… I feel your pain dear! I have had similair experiences too. Some time u just really wanna slap sense into some people seriously.More than half of my clients, our incial contact is mostly via social media, BBM and the works. And u have people coming off telling your reffree you were rude to them! A lot of times I have had to munch chats just to defend myself! I think its just plain dumbness joor!Peace

  2. I believe everyone has this experience in some way. Sometimes we manage it well, other times we pick offence. I think it all depends on a number of factors including previous mood prior to the chat, level of self esteem, IQ (like u rightly said), temperament etc. I think the best way to handle the fury when u get miss-interpreted or miss-perceived on chats is to quit texting, take a deep breadth and allow the Arab on the other end to get through with his or her venting. Afterwards, drop the phrase ‘ am sorry’. Trust me, the table will turn and he’ll come apologising. Once attain that fit, cool down and dump ur own shit right back @ him/her. He/she won’t see that coming. Guess who has the last laugh…. Warning; do this only if you don’t mind releasing that friend. If na person wey you need, no just try am. He/she might walk n never look back. I rest my case.

  3. Chatting via social media really has to do with a considerable amount of IQ! Whites don’t really have a problem with this as sensitive discussions are held via face to face – and a chat is only used to affirm the existing discussion! Taking things personal via chat seems ludicrous and personally, I just ignore such discussions or better still ending it with “I go call you” or “let’s meet somewhere to sort this out!”.All the same, nice observation Elsie! 😉

  4. My dear, just go back to writing and leave audio…expression and good command of English is in short supply!

    1. errrrrm, I am not sure what you mean by “expression and good command of english is in short supply” because you definitely do not mean what I think you do. Is she supposed to have a British or yankee accent before her command of english will be ‘good’ by ur standards? oh well, you are anon so, there is no point.Dear Elsie, you go girl!

      1. hehehe. Shughar, you have time to reply such. He or she has a right to his/her opinion. Would see the need to reply if d being was even proud of his name, not to talk of face or voice. Thanks for having my back dear. you rock!

  5. Not sure people listened to Elsie’s relationship audio prior to these various comments because there are no correlations to the Audio…oopps !Anyways, relationship is one personal thing that works differently for different people. Long term , short term , instant meeting, fb communication, office romance etc . It all succeeds and it can also fail. You know yourself and take time to under study your boo or your boo to be. Dont get desperate, be cautious and still dont push him away unless you are convinced he is not your type of guy. Above all draw him near your folks, invite him to church, home and around your close friends. If he is not real, I bet he will not come around. A real guy hangs on and loves you and people around you. Stay blessed.

    1. uhmmmm………there is absolutely no correlation. This is a different post. This comment is for that post. You should listen to today’s post

  6. Hahahahaha!!!! Screen grabber is one of the best apps yet!!! \nCommunication can be misinterpreted even when you are in front of the person; that’s why you need to be cautious of how you relate to people that you can’t see. I try to chat with people according to their IQ. It is annoying when someone that is supposed to be learned starts blabing because of something he/she misunderstood. Usually,I’d try to explain. If you don’t want to understand then I’d rest. To whom brain is not given, brain should be borrowed -_-

    1. ya vexing madam. lmao @to whom brain is not given, brain should be borrowed” ….borrow from where pls?

  7. This is why most Nigerian OAPs lack originality.. Speaking isn’t about grammar (accent & phonetics) alone; as long as you can express yourself for your audience to understand, you’re fine. Speaking live or on air is about educating, informing, entertaining, and comunnicating. Elsie… You got this right.. Mr/s. Grammarian, keep your supply to yourself.

  8. We give people voices in our mind. Just like when we read novels or poems.One of the disadvantage of chatting Cos the reader tend to interprete based on their own emotional state.It has got nothing to do with ‘iq’. It is our perception, our interpretation of people’s meaning. It sure can build or break relationships.I think it is always good to seek clarification of ‘ meaning’ rather than assuming we know. #my thought.

  9. Written words have voices my dear…And we all read meaning into them voluntarily or involuntarily…We can’t be friends wit everyone neither can we relate on same wavelength wit everyone… We shud study those ones. We call friends…Nice audio Elsie(*whispering*we’ll do d next one together) ….Still Gerry Bond

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