5 Exclusive Reasons Why Women Cheat

Happy new week people, what better way to start the week than with some tips? Today am gonna talk briefly bout some of the reasons why women cheat. Sit back, relax and think about it…..

 1. The thrill

Some women cheat for the thrill of it. The excitement of doing things behind a partner’s back, the risk, the adrenaline rush, the desire are all very potent reasons for a woman to cheat. The cheating bit isn’t always emotional, it is in fact an out and out physical act that is engaged in just for the thrill of it.whu women cheat 2

 2. She wants more

The most obvious reason for a woman to cheat is that she isn’t getting enough sex or that she isn’t happy with what you have to offer.  It is this unhappiness that results in her getting involved in an adulterous relationship. It is left to the man in the relationship to pull his socks up and fight for his woman. If you love her and want her, you have to go the extra mile and satisfy her.

3. To get back at you

If you have cheated on her in the past, she could cheat on you just to get back at you. Yes, women can be rather vengeful if they so wish!why women cheat 3

 4. Bored!

Less or no experimentation in the bedroom can be one of the reasons a woman chooses to cheat. Women seek as much variation in the bedroom as men do and if her man cannot provide her the same, she is bound to look for it outside.why women cheat 4

 5. Feeling neglected

This is the most common reason women give when asked why they cheated. Feeling neglected, unwanted or useless is what drives women to cheat. It is when their husbands or boyfriends ignore them that they take to finding companionship and solace in the company of others.

If you don’t want to go through the pain of being cheated, then it is up to you to ensure your woman is happy and satisfied. Give it your best shot and more and thus ensures that she has no excuse to cheat on you.

And these are but a few, but am sure you get the general idea. 😀

And I’ll talk to you again soon

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  1. Waiting for the other side of the coin – ‘exclusive reasons why men cheat and the role of their partner…..’ 😀

  2. Sum of dem is in thr blood n d no1 reason is money,. Hw can u 4get dat naw!!! #AnywayThatsNonOfMyBusiness,… General

    1. hehehehe…ok, lets say we talking about the ones that doesn’t have it in their blood. lol..its your business o

  3. I believe boredom and neglect are the most potent reasons women cheat. If a man can stimulate his relationship with his woman, there is no dull moment and he makes her feel wanted everyday, he’s going to keep her for long.

  4. Confirm! all 5points almost True.. buh dnt see much reason with the 1st one tho. Well I dnt think any Real woman takes delight in cheating, no matter what the ish is, buh on the other hand only a Dick will so loseGuard his chick based on his selfishness. Lastly Love conquers All fault.

  5. Women cheat cuz guys like ME exist… How long can you resist the force, Elsie, come over to the dark side let me show you what you’re missing ….hehehehe!! ~evil grin~

  6. Lmfbo @ Leonhart. Well rooted in that dark side as always ey? You sure there ain’t a mean eyed cutie waiting @ the door with your own shot gun to blow u and whoever to hades? @ Elsie, these are very valid points but whoever will cheat will cheat even when her man ‘s pulling all the stops from here to infinity to keep her satisfied. This applies to fellas as well. As humans we always wanna compensate for every inadequacy. It takes a selfless and strong-willed mind to keep away from the temptation.

    1. True @Ikem but that doesn’t mean the man shouldn’t play his role. If she cheats, then you sure it wasn’t your fault

    2. Being disciplined and focused. I think it all boils down to all facets of our lives including our health, well being, career and business without not mentioning the relationship factor…some see it as a sort of weakness though.

  7. @Kola , Number 4 would require you to understand the body of a woman, how it responds to different stimuli and how to manipulate this to your advantage. Try reading up some Kamasutra and all the lovers guides u can find both books/online and on video. Try studying them in your leisure time… Like on break or lunch u can read a few lines everyday and so on… Also communication is key..always ask her what she wants

  8. @Kola, Number 5 is a real bother. I am sorry to say this but number 5 is our fault as MEN!! When the chase is still on, despite our busy life’s we always find time to make her feel loved and pampered ..(sometimes even disturbed). However when the chase is over and she’s down with you… Suddenly keeping her loved up and cared for becomes a chore…becomes stress. Whatever happened to sending her a one sentence text msg every 6 hours to make sure she knows she’s on ur mind ? Whatever happened to bringing back food, pastries and stuff on your way from work to her at home or at her hostel?The occasional voice notes and emails? The occasional audio compilations on anniversaries ?And the worst of all… When u always have time to “Hang with the boys” do you consider her “extra luggage” ? If yes why so? That’s cuz u think she will be a cock block and u know it… Or she might ruin the fun for the guys …or she might find out some of them cheat and be angry you’re always in the company of cheats… Whatever the reason.. Always take her out on the regular,… To the hangouts (ensure ur guys are on their best behavior), to the mechanic, to the mall , etc.. Always keep her occupied. And when you’re not around or busy ensure u always make out time to send msgs, calls and voice notes… Just to remind her she’s still a part of everything. If she still cheats on you… Then it won’t be cuz of Number 5

    1. My oga at the top… I see all of this reasons as excuses and an avenue for pointing fingers… Any relationship is not the sole business of the man… God made Eve to be Adams companion, companionship by definition is woman’s … Adam didn’t ask for a companion, God gave him one… A woman will stop being bored of feeling neglected when she realises it’s her duty to engage her husband and not the other way round..especially when she’s the house kinda woman and the man is the sole bread winner… women need to take charge of the emotional and sensual responsibility in a relationship and in families for it to get better… if a woman is cheating for this reasons and blaming it on the husband, then it’s tantamount to blaming Adam for neglecting Eve or leaving her bored, causing her to listen to the serpent..and eating the apple of old… No excuses..both parties should stand up and make it work.. it is more a woman responsibility to reduces her thirst for what she doesn’t have (Thrill) and help her spouse satisfy her needs (wanting more), learn to forgive and satisfy her husband with her breast so as to prevent him from looking outwards (revenge), create excitement within her bedroom (boredom) and make her self most desirable more and more…(neglect). Have you ever seen those women who because they are married suddenly drop their sense of style and dressing, become mother in Israel at age 30..dressing like a grandma, saying no to every fun idea their husband brings up because they are now married and a worker in church and suddenly starts complaining they are being neglected or feeling bored.. The man will stop trying but won’t quit doing it with or without you… If you go clubbing with your husband before marriage, abeg! be the one to always bring it up after marriage because marriage will not quench his thirst for what you shared before it… it’s never immoral to frolic with your husband…stop killing your marriage or relationship for anything.. take charge and stop blaming men for your woes…

  9. If you value for your partner, you won’t cheat. Respect is mutual. True love respects. 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 defines it.

  10. hmmmm….You should write about men cheating as well, because they taught us to cheat…FINISH!

  11. All of this are lewd excuses as far as i am concerned and I will break it down.Thrill: For those that lays the blame on thrill, why will you even marry a dude that doesn’t shake your core or thrill your being? It is the worst reason for doing the wrong thing and the most common… If a man doesn’t make every other thing in this world boring to you, then you shouldn’t be a yard near him because if he doesn’t thrill you enough to seal you up, then everything else outside will feel like the thrilling ish.. I pity your being then…She wants more? Another dumb excuse.. The last time I checked, marriages or relationships is more about companionship and not sex, if she wants more, she should just stay out of the life of any dude…work the day to earn a living, and use the street corner at night to service her demand for more, there are loads of men out there that won’t mind screwing her for free… So if she works on a offshore rig, she will screw every engineer on the rig because she’s away from home abi… dumb excuseTo Get Back At you: My question is simple… is she going to find a cock for vengeance everytime her dude goes back to cheat? The truth it, she’s always wanted to ride out, the vengeance is just a lame excuse for it… Cheaters hardly change… so if na vengeace, she’d better get a roster for her revenge hits… and probably put her mechanic, aboki down the street and even driver on the list… Two wrong never make a right so it’s more about the cheater in her having an excuse to unleash, more like she’s been cringing to get out and the dude gives her the license to hit.Boredom? If she’s bored, abeg make she go buy kamasutra… boredom is just another excuse, the last time i checked, women have the most control in the bedroom except if the man is a psycho… A brother will gladly do whatever she wants at that game point even if he’s asked to deny his parents for a ride so…boredom…naaaa! Tell him you want snake in the monkey shadow style and i am sure you’ll get it 99% of the time you ask.. stop feeding the vultures with kings meet…under the excuse of boredomFeeling Neglected: This brings us back to the excuse of wanting more… If the dude doesn’t compliment you, break up, move on and don’t make a dog of yourself with the demeaning excuse of neglect.. don’t date a guy out of pity or because you want to have a bf.. don’t marry a man that doesn’t give you companionship from the start.. this excuse comes up majorly when the lady goes into it just for the money or even thrill.. it happens majorly when the partner is a “jaiye jaiye” who’s got the money for fun but never the time for the woman… so if you choose the money and thrill, don’t expect companionship.. you can’t have it all…On a final note, no man will ever be 100%, read the 80-20 rule and find your spot.. the best your man will be is the 80, the other 20 is always so exciting that it makes you wana take off your panties, keep it on my sister/brother… it will only make a whore of you and leave you less a woman and more a dog or even baboon… You only cheat because you want to cheat, not because he’s not doing enough or something more or less, there will never be a perfect situation… make it perfect.

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