Dogs are better than men

Ok chill!!!!You probably came here to see what this naughty light skin girl is saying so you can remind her you know the reasons she is single. Reasons you have fabricated in your head…and tell her how much she needs a man in her life to be happy or maybe complete…LOL TakirisyI was chatting with the Nurse Nancy crooner (if you haven’t read Nurse Nancy, you are on your own), one gist led to another when she told me I haven’t hooked her up with a sexy rich fellow who would chase the paper while she does the spending, so she’s still chasing.I told her I also wouldn’t mind having someone like that (abi who no like better thing?) but he has to be handsome (at least presentable), cultured, mannered and rich. Then she said “Mine has to be fine and cultured and love to spend, if he don’t have manner…well guys are dogs na to train am”Sincerely, the first reply I could give was ‘Dogs are better than men, so think twice’I paused to think, are dogs really better than men? Not like I’m the domestic animal fan…far from it, I stay miles away from dogs because I really can’t stand them and also out of fear that it could be possessed at any time. And then I love men too, they need us women as much as we need them. All animals love companion, at least we have that in common. But look at it this way:A dog can be trained!A well trained dog will forever be loyal (except amadioha enters inside it sha)A well trained dog will guard you with its own lifeA well trained and fed dog is faithfulA well trained dog is sensitive and emotionalThere are humans who have found best friends in dogs.I can go on and on but let’s stop there for now……But men? Chineke onye ebere!!! Trained or untrained, loyalty can be a very big problem. Faithfulness seems like asking for too much. You want them to be sensitive and emotional, you are now crossing the line boo. They are just full of surprises – Good and bad.Now tell me, dear ladies, even you reading this as a guy, if you are given the option of turning a well-trained dog into a handsome man. Won’t you rather take the risk of dating the new man while being more optimistic than what we have around us now? And remember great sex is added to the good books of dogs o.So you get my point? Are men better than dogs? Are dogs better than men?Hit me up as usual on twitter, Facebook, email or use the comment box.

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  1. HahahaI hate dogs! They have bitten my nyansh before; twice.Well, men eat the booty like groceries too so that’s not a valid point. LolI feel you sha but dogs sef have skoin skoin.Honestly, I won’t change any dog to a man. Dogs can be promiscuous too and bitches are everywhere

  2. Hehehe. Nice interesting one. B4 reading Sugar’s comment my answer would have been to turn a bull dog into a man, but they do have one thing in common ” they both love bitches”. So are dogs better than men? I think they r both da same. If a man really loves u he’ll be protective of u, I don’t know if he’ll die for u sha(some men r cowards) , but a dog still got an edge over a man; a well fed dog is faithful but a well fed man? Lialia, E no dey ever belleful. It’s a tough question so I’ll stick to they are both da same

  3. It’s a travesty to compare Dogs with men. Dogs are everything men aren’t. I have had quite a few of both, so I know. Dogs are loyal and won’t expose you to hurt. They can always sense when you are sad and try to comfort you in their own way. Men on the other hand, …… let me not talk before I am called bitter. Dogs trump human beings in general everyday, every time.

  4. Hmmm, This women at it again. I won’t say if dogs are better than men cos i cant actually say that but i can say that dogs are better than women if in some ways. My Dog Lissa does not need make up, i am her master no matter what, she listens to me and does not argue, She does not wish she had another owner, Just shout at me and you pay with a part of your skin. I know what she wants just by looking into her eyes. If only my Lissa could cook. I love food, especially when it’s cooked by someone else.

  5. This post makes you think deeply before you make your final decision on which one to go for. Many female will come here and point out that males aren’t loyal or faithful, now ask yourself what if you are also A man – Would have been worst Most other living creatures are faithful and loyal than man, since Adam and Eve ate apple in the garden of eden, human have become wiser which make them different from other creatures…. So don’t be surprised that man is more dangerous than a wild Animal

  6. Dogs are better than men jor. Who wants to debate that? Yes dogs love bitches but have u ever seen a dog after humping a bitch in less than an hour humps another bitch? But guys!!! Tsk Tsk Tsk, after having sex and another hot sexy lady walks in, they become erect again and ready to go. Me I am ready to transform my rotwelier to a man cos he’s already loyal and protective now all he needs is d transition to a man and once he humps me he is ok, he won’t go humping another bitch, all I gotta do is give it to him whenever he’s horny

  7. Right!!! I probably need to read this a couple of times to develop an opinion but even with ur dog, what you give is what you get! Show ur dog love, he reciprocates, ignore him and he finds that attention somewhere else. If u think dogs are better than men, get a stud and leave him in the midst of multiple bitches, let’s see what happens right after.

  8. Hmmmm this ladies una wicked oh, how una go say dog better pass man oya na Make una marry una dogs na….But we dee use our dog make money just get him as female dogs as possible he will cross them sharp sharp and for sure they all gets pregnant, so tell me is that the kind of dog u want to turn a man?

  9. Well, I have a different opinion o. For me, dogs are better than women in some ways cos you hardly find women that aren’t carried away by material things, they aren’t content with whatever they have, all they crave for is money! money!! money!!!. I’m not saying money isn’t good o, but that shouldn’t be their utmost priority. Women nowadays find it difficult to support their partner’s who are yet to make it, they’re easily lured by strangers especially the wealthy ones, as for dogs, they can’t be lured by people they don’t know, they’ll always stay with their owners through thick and thin.

  10. Absolutely loved this post! You have a unique and engaging style that makes your writing not just informative, but also incredibly entertaining. The way you blend humor with insights into relationships and gender dynamics is brilliant. Your comparison between dogs and men, laced with wit and a touch of sarcasm, really drives home some thought-provoking points. It’s refreshing to read something that doesn’t shy away from saying things as they are, yet does it in such a light-hearted manner.

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