Click HERE for previous episodeTeju was no virgin. She’d indulged in discrete romps with guys who had practically offered to pay her for her silence. She knew a lot of them didn’t want it seeping out that they speak to her much less having sex with her. She couldn’t really blame them because given a choice, she wouldn’t have sex with herself either. But Brian was a shocker for her. Not in her wildest dream had she imagined that she would speak to him. Yet here she was in a hotel room, standing opposite him, watching him caress himself with something akin to need… FOR HER! Brian expected her to hesitate and pretend to be shy. He anticipated the coercion process he was supposed to embark on. However, Teju shocked him stupid! Her clothes were on the floor in record time. She was in her underwear, which were surprisingly clean, vibrating in barely suppressed excitement. Her body was a disappointment though. She had saggy breasts which were encased in a bra that did little to elevate them; a small under-belly and knock-knees. Brian felt his member turn flaccid. How was he expected to get excited with this creature in front of him? Teju watched with dismay as Brian’s dick ‘lost steam’. She’d seen this happen too many times and it hurt. She just stood watching him with rapidly diminishing hope. Alas, her dream of ever getting penetrated by this hunk quietly took twenty steps back to oblivion. The experience she gleefully anticipated after he made his offer, fizzled to nothingness. With a dejected sigh, she bent down to retrieve her clothes. Brian felt like a heel. This was in no way charitable. He had set out to do something good for mankind, yet when the opportunity presented itself, or herself – as the case may be – he could barely rise to the occasion. Literarily! With an inward groan, he decided to make things right and get this over and done with. “Don’t get dressed. Take off your underwear.” He didn’t dare suggest she give him a blowjob to help him get up. With those mighty chompers, he envisaged pain, not pleasure, at the thought of oral sex. He watched her take off her bra and slowly peel off her panties. He froze as he looked at her feminine mound. Teju’s pubis was clean-shaved, save for a little tuft of hair that dipped into a “VEE” at the very top of her labia. The tuft of hair was cut in the shape of a heart and looked like it was professionally sculpted. Brian smiled…. this time genuinely. He was amused that “seahorse” had some sense of humor after all. Teju knew what was expected of her and quickly obliged. Most guys she’d been with always preferred to take her from behind; probably to avoid looking at her face during coitus. She didn’t mind as long as she was getting the dick. The minute she realized that he was getting aroused again, she went to the bed, bent over – doggy style – and buried her face in the pillow. She never expected foreplay…… she did that all on her own, in her head, most times. All she wanted was the feel of the dick as it slid into her. Seeing her in that position, ass in the air, her pussy waiting and willing, Brian forgot how grotesque she looked. He quickly slipped on a condom and eased himself into her. She was tight; not surprising because he didn’t envisage men beating down her pussy walls in their droves. He heard her gasp and smirked. He liked the whimpering sound that escaped girls when he burrowed into them. It was like a glowing attestation to his endowment. He also liked Teju’s innate understanding of the situation and her smart move at burying her face in the pillow. Their lovemaking – if it could be called that – frightened him. Though she never raised her head from the pillow, he heard her pleasured muffled moans and occasional yelps when he got in too deep. His fear, however, stemmed from the unbelievable movement of her waist. Teju had moves! Moves he’d never seen…… moves he never thought sexually possible. The girl’s waist was on independent rotation after his first few thrusts. Never had he seen a woman whine her waist with as much expertise as Teju did. His fear mounted with every thrust. She was going to make him cum so fast. Teju felt him ram her hard and fast. He was huge and she knew she would bruise after this ordeal. The sex, to her, was as impersonal as could be and though she enjoyed it, she wished it could be more intimate. She wished he would reach out and touch her breast and tweak the nipples. She wished he would tell her to turn around and fuck her missionary style so she could stare at his face and see his expression. She knew her wishes wouldn’t come true so she shifted her mind to the moment and enjoyed what he had to give. Brian came faster than he’d anticipated. Her gyrating waist had managed to achieve what other prettier girls could never attain. He had barely done six thrusts before shooting his load. He knew Teju didn’t cum and felt disappointed at his quick release.  She wanted to get dressed but he stopped her and pushed her back into doggy position. Thankfully, his erection was swift in its encore and he wasted no time digging into her and pounding the shit outta that crazy, gyrating ass. As she wore her clothes, she stole a look at him, trying to gauge his emotions. Though he had a big dick and could fuck, he wasn’t the best she’d had. Steven would forever hold that spot. Steven with his slight frame, huge bifocal efiko glasses and incredible bedroom skills. Steven, the Pastor of Accounting department Christian Union Group. Teju sighed as she grudgingly shifted her mind from Steven to Brian. She was surprised Brian would go more than one round with her. He’d fucked her three times; each time, his groan got louder, his pounding got faster and his terms of endearment got cheesier. ‘Baby…… Lover…… Sugarplum.’ Her pussy was on fire from his assault. She finished dressing up and turned to him with a shy smile. “I’m leaving… Thank you for a great evening” Brian stared at her, speechless. He murdered the urge to ask her if she wanted to spend the night with him. His reputation would be in tatters if anyone found out he spent the night with Teju. He didn’t respond to her. He just stared at her, his mind a conflict zone. He watched her smile fade as she turned to leave the room. He wanted to stop her and tell her that she was the best damned doggy-fuck he’d ever had but he couldn’t. Instead, he watched the door close and knew he was going to be thinking of her for a very long time to come. Monday, 18th of July! Brian opened his eyes to Rita’s sexy smile. She’d woken him up with kisses and was slowly sliding down to give him his birthday fellatio. He smiled… that contented smile a guy gives when everything was going his way. And then the frown. As Rita lapped at his balls, tea-bagging and teasing, his thoughts veered off to Teju. It’s been over two weeks yet his need for her refused to ebb. Over the last few weeks, he had imagined fucking her in every available style there was. His need for her was an irritating itch; one that could only be quelled by a long session of hot, rough and turbulent sex. He had considered approaching her several time in the past week but for some crazy reason, she seemed elusive. She was always in Church for one mundane programme or the other. He’d also noticed that she hardly ever visited the library after their time together. He wondered why. Most girls would throw themselves at him at any given opportunity but not Teju.“What’s wrong baby…”Brian snapped back to reality and looked down to see Rita’s pretty face marred by a frown; his dick lying limp and lifeless.“Am I not doing it right? Why aren’t you hard?” She asked with worry.Brian took a deep breath and sat up.“You want me hard? Get on your fucking knees and throw that ass in the air.”“No joor….. in the last two weeks, you don’t seem to get a hard on unless you fuck doggy-style. Abeg I’m tired. Let’s try something else. How about the scissors? You know that makes me cum faster than usual.”“Then you’re not ready to fuck..”With those words, Brian got off the bed and strolled to the adjoining bathroom to take a leak. His mind was filled with one sentence only…“I. Have. To. Fuck. Teju. Again… And Again… and Again!”THE ENDWritten by  

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  1. Omo this is mind blowing. kudos to teju for leaving the most charming guy breathless it not jux abt the looks or swag she proved him wrong not to judge a book by it cover. Elsieisy u never seize to amaze me

  2. Lol at least she got something, no one can have it all! ….and the title of this story is Cray! Lol couldn’t believe it turned to be this!

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