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I love features and this one even more as I am the Cover Star for The Nigerian Youth (TNY) Magazine Sept/Oct 2017 Issue.cover star - elsie godwin - TNY Magazine - The Nigerian Youth - elsieisy blog

It was a very simple interview where I shared bits of my experience on the Journey so far. I already posted this on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter but I cannot forget sharing this with you here on the blog.

See excerpts from the interview below:

Elsie Godwin is a media personality – TV/radio talk-show host, Nigerian relationship, literature and lifestyle blogger, social media manager and strategist, content creator and a mediapreneur.

 What projects are you working on?

Right now, I am working with a PR firm to re-brand my quarterly event which used to be known as Hangout with ELSiEiSY. It is an extended arm of all I do and I hope to create more awareness and sensitization on societal issues – from our day to day activities, to our relationship, lifestyle and even politics, with healthy conversations. It is going to be an all-encompassing event with fair doze of creativity and real raw African talents.


Tell us about your new TV show.

Crux of the Matter is a relationship, dating and sex based talk show which objectively tackles various issues bordering on relationships between men and women with interesting guests.

How did you commence the show?

Hmm, let see… so I had always wanted to have a show or shows running on radio and TV. I had (and still do have) ideas of more than 5 shows running in my head daily. However, Crux of the Matter is one dear to my heart because everything relationship interests me. I love love, I love relationships, I love family and above all, I love seeing people happy. When you are happy and in love with yourself then you can live a healthy lifestyle which will in turn, affect people around you and contribute positivity to the society.

Though I nursed these thoughts and ideas for a long while, I wasn’t sure of how to go about them. I was searching for opportunities and reading up on how to get a radio show but you know this is Nigeria and every of such content available online are not” Nigerianised”. I am sure you understand what I mean by Nigerianised. As much as we have a booming entertainment industry here, it is not always black and white. Yes, reading those things will give you an idea of what you are up for, especially if you are like me who hope to have an international show someday. However, in doing the little research, I realized that I had all I needed to position myself for recognition which will in turn, by the grace of God, attract the opportunities I desire. I had a platform (my blog) and my growing social media presence. So in April 2014, I started putting out podcasts, weekly, on my blog. This did not only position me, but helped me hone my skills.

I kept at it until either December 2015 or January 2016 (not very sure right now) when the managing director of ….

Read full Interview HERE

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